Strawberry and Blueberry Smoothie Recipe for Travelling

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Smoothie recipes are one of the best sources of protein for you. You can rely on their nutritive value, especially during trips and tours. We will guide you on how to choose a travel blender, to how to prepare strawberry and blueberry smoothies for travel. What are you waiting for? Just get ready for the yummilicious drinking experience during outdoor exertions. It will boost your energy. You can use this extra bit of power to experience and explore more!

Before you leave for your trip, you have to choose a portable blender for the best traveling. While traveling, a small guide of the things you should keep in mind before spending on a blender that’s perfect for your luggage.

Strawberry and Blueberry Smoothie Recipe for Travelling

How to choose a travel blender?

The time you enter the electronic market to get a top portable travel blender, you are confused with the choices to choose from. Just see the following:

Parts of a standard hand-held travel blender: It consists of a container like a jar with a secure lid at the top. Though you can find them in glass, stainless steel, and plastic but I would recommend the plastic one as it is unbreakable and light in weight. Two things you especially consider in your packing stuff.

Besides, this has the mechanical part, which comprises the motor, blade cutter, screwcap, and rubber drive clutch.

Blender should be user friendly and easy to clean: Always choose the blender which you can operate with simple and easy instructions. Besides, pick the one which you can clean without much effort. You can not travel with a high maintenance blender as there’s a lot more to count on during travels. It should be hassle-free simple one go cleaning.

Working specifications: It should have an ice crush option as the ones with this option have built-in blades designed to meet the crushing ice requirements. It usually requires voltage power ranging from 900-1100 volts.

It’s enough for all types of work you are expecting your blender to undergo. As this power consumption is not very high, so it is easily manageable during portable conditions.

During which you can switch to power battery if the plug is not available during sightseeing. Another specification to consider is an extra cup or two. It can serve more than one family member. Though single-serving jars are also available.

Durability and warranty: You should purchase the blender of a company that enjoys a good manufacturing reputation. They should be reliable, durable, and warranty any damages or repair and maintenance.

Portable charger and low battery consumption: The hand-held blender should have extra power supply and USB port etc.

Strawberry and Blueberry Smoothie Recipe for Travel

Significance of portable travel blender

It is suitable for traveling. As it’s compact, user friendly, and provides a wide range of smoothies and other healthy recipes within your touring limits.

So let’s try the following recipes on a beachside, mountain hiking, jungle walk, or on a subway station. We would aim two healthy and easy recipes as follows.

How to Prepare the Strawberry and Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

Strawberry smoothie

You should first get some fresh strawberries. Separate any stale or damaged ones. Wash them in an open container with lukewarm water. Soak them for a few minutes to take off any soil or dirt. Once done with washing, dry them. Now take off the green leaves at the top.

Now put them in the blender jar. You can add a bit of ice as per your taste or requirements. Though it’s better to add frozen strawberries. Now add milk just half a cup fora thicker creamier consistency. To enhance its flavor, you can add a little strawberry jam.

You can also use flaxseed, protein powder, or other such ingredients for extra health benefits. Some people prefer adding yogurt. You can add or subtract the ingredients as per your preference and availability during your voyage.

You may add a bit of sugar, though we highly discourage its daily consumption. But you may need it for extra push during your expedition. Blend it and enjoy the super yummy glass of your favorite strawberry smoothie.

Strawberry and Blueberry Smoothie Recipe for Travel

Blueberry smoothie

It is different to a strawberry smoothie in taste and looks. Otherwise, it is as simple to make as any other smoothies. Take one cup of blueberries. Half cup of milk or yogurt. You can add a bit of blueberry jam, or sugar or any other additives of your choices.

Frozen berries help to maintain a thick creamy texture of the smoothie that may get thin if we use too much ice. Plus, it’s easy to carry frozen berries in an icebox then taking both ice and berries separately.

But all can be altered as per your requirement and choice. Now blend the ingredients thoroughly, and here you can enjoy the healthy, tasty blueberry smoothie.

Why should I have? Health benefits it provides:

There are numerous health benefits of taking smoothies during travels or otherwise. They are not restricted to only health-conscious people but also appeal and attract all ages. This is because they provide a glass full of protein, vitamins, and minerals in a consistency and flavor that is simply irresistible.

It is low in carbohydrates until, of course, you add extra sugars to satisfy your sweet tooth. It has the minerals. It has that extra kick or boost of energy that you want during traveling. It can provide you with the power to do hiking for another extra hour or so.

So, where your fellow travelers get drained and unable to move an inch. You know you can go for another hour or so. All because of the magical Berry smoothie you took.

You can make it and take it during a quiet time too. As it is portable, lightweight, and user friendly, you can carry it in your hand-carry or backpack. So, make it and take it anywhere you want or like. It is as simple as ABC!

strawberry and blueberry smoothie recipe

How do you store the smoothie:

You can make it and easily store it if you can’t take the whole glass in a single go. Or you make two glasses. Take one and put the other in thermos or water flask for use later on. But make sure you use it within 2-3 hours. As the fresher it is, the better it is in taste and nutrition.


You can make your favorite strawberry and blueberry smoothies during the travels. You can accomplish your health goals by using a portable travel blender during your next expedition. Just remember one thing you have to take the extra power batteries and ingredients along before you start making it!

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