Ninja BL660 Blender Review: Ice Crusher Extraordinaire

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The Ninja BL660 Professional Blender has a great design and more than enough power and versatility for most kitchen needs.

I love how it can pulverize ice into snow in a matter of seconds – making it the perfect blender for frozen drinks if you enjoy margaritas or other icy concoctions.

The Ninja BL660 is powerful enough to blend almost anything – including fruits, seeds, nuts, and vegetables – with ease, but most importantly its 1,100-watt strong motor means that your drink will be blended fast.

The large 64 oz. pitcher with this unit can hold plenty enough good cheer for your family or guests, or use its single-serve option to enjoy a drink by yourself.

If you are looking for way to make frozen margaritas, using a standard kitchen blender is not the best option. We recommend using a dedicated margarita machine instead.

6-Blade System

ninja bl660 review

The blender’s ultra-sharp 6 blade system delivers faster and smoother crushing compared to blenders with four blades. This allows the blender to easily blend large chunks of ice, hard nuts, and hard seeds.

However, this takes up more space than other blenders, which might be an issue for some people who don’t have enough countertop room or storage capacity on hand.

So, while you get a 72 oz blender, the actual usable capacity is 64 oz.

But that’s still plenty enough to make several servings.

1,100-watt Motor with Three Speeds and Pulse

ninja bl660 review

The Ninja BL660 is a powerful blender that effortlessly turns ingredients into creamy, smooth textures.

Unlike most blenders on the market, this one produces smooth and evenly distributed blends without any chunks or grittiness- perfect for those who like their morning green juice blended to perfection!

Smoothies are just as good as what you’d get from expensive $400-$500 Vitamix models but at less than half of the cost!

It also features an impressive ice-crushing capability with its competitors with double the price range. The extra sharp blades never struggle at all when it comes to chopping up fruit or vegetables either; you can enjoy finely chopped squash chips just as easily as frozen margaritas from your own home kitchen!

The blender operates on three speeds, labeled simply as 1,2 and 3. As expected, there is also a pulse function for finer control!

72 oz. Pitcher and Single-Serve Assembly

ninja bl660 review

If you are looking for a blender that prepares enough drinks for your entire family or several guests, the Ninja BL660 is an excellent choice.

The 72 oz (64 max capacity) pitcher makes plenty of whatever your heart desires – including ice and nuts without cracking!

However, if you want only one drink just for yourself, there’s no need to blend in the large pitcher – it wastes too much time cleaning afterward.

The Nutri Ninja cups include a single-serve blade assembly! Put your ingredients in one of the two 16 ozs. containers, attach the included blades, and then connect to blender base. Make sure you have selected ‘single serve’ on the control panel before blending away!

The smaller assembly can do anything as well as its larger counterpart – not just blend smoothies or protein shakes with ease but also chop onions, chilis, and garlic at lightning speed for delicious dinners, including spaghetti Bolognese and chicken curry.

You can crush ice, blend nuts and make a creamy smoothie just as quickly.

The single-serve cups are especially good for making vegetable smoothies that will not be gritty in the large pitcher, but it never achieves Vitamix-level of flavors or textures!

The smaller pitchers provide a much smoother blend for vegetable smoothies. You can also use single-serve cups to carry on-the-go drinks. Each cup comes with its own lid, so you can mix up your drink in there and replace the blade assembly with it.

BPA-Free and Dishwasher Safe

The Ninja BL660 is a safe and simple way to enjoy your favorite drinks with your family. All the plastic parts are BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and won’t cut you during cleaning.

Customer Reviews

The Ninja BL660 currently has a rating of 4.4/5 from more than 4000 customer reviews on Amazon, which means that it is worth the money for those who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a blender but still need high-quality blending ability and power. Most users are impressed by how well this product blends even tough food such as ice or frozen fruit.

The main complaint users have found so far is the noise level when using this product.

This blender is impressively very powerful, but it makes a ruckus when blending. However, the noise is worth the results! Just be careful not to blend when anyone is sleeping.


●     1,100-watt motor

●     72 oz. Pitcher (64 oz. max capacity) and two 16 oz. to-go cups

●     6-blade system

●     A single-serve blade assembly

●     Three speeds + pulse


Ninja Kitchen is committed to delivering high-quality products that exceed your expectations. The BL660 professional blender features the power and performance of a top-of-the-line food processor but for less money!

If you are looking for a powerful blender on a budget, we’d say the BL660 is an excellent choice.

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