Is Underlayment Necessary For Hardwood Floors?

A hardwood floor provides a unique look to your home. And, the longevity of this beautiful floor is increased by underlayment. Whether you are going to nail or staple down the woods, an underlayment plays a vital role in assisting the installation process.

You may ask “Is underlayment necessary for hardwood floors?’’ I will say it is not only necessary but also mandatory for ensuring successful wood floor setup.

As wood floor are not as tough as tiles floor, its attractive shape and durability largely depend on its supportive underlay elements.

In this article, I am going to put light on the importance of underlayment for hardwood floors.

Is Underlayment Necessary For Hardwood Floors

Do I need underlayment for hardwood floors?

The Wooden floor is now becoming a common feature of the modern home. As a result, you may want to install a new hardwood floor. But, all your investment on expensive hardwood floors can lead to disaster if you do not apply underlayment beneath the floor. Below I have listed some points describing various benefits of the underlayment.

» Increase robustness 

Who does not want a long-lasting wooden floor?  Yes, everyone wants. But, without proper underlying support, a wood-made floor won’t last for a year. Moreover, an underlayment makes the floor sturdy enough to carry weighty things on it. Additionally, it will keep your wooden surface safe in summer, winter and rainy season.      

» Ensure even subfloor

While setting up a wooden floor you must ensure that the surface gets a smooth finish. Any uneven or rough place not only hampers the beauty of the room but also makes it a dangerous place for children and aged member of your home as they can harm themselves stepping on that faulty place.

The good news is that an underlayment works very effectively in solving this problem. Moreover, it also protects the even surface from getting uneven in a high-pressure situation. Always remember, an even subfloor provides stability to your hardwood floor.

Is Underlayment Necessary For Hardwood Floors

» Keeps the floor warm

We usually install a floor covering for additional comfort, and it is the warm floor that ensures a comfy environment. In that case, a perfectly set underlay can be the best option. It reduces the wet and damp coldness from the hardwood floor. So, you will feel a warm and relaxing feeling on your foot when walking on them.

» Keep insects away

There are insects who like to cut wood and stay inside the wood. As a result, your wooden floor decays over time and different part of the newly installed floor break down after a few months. To keep these harmful insects away from the wood, an underlayment can help you.

» Resist harmful moister

Moisture is considered the natural enemy of the wood. No matter how good the woods are or what types of wood floor you got, moisture can destroy and decompose them slowly. So, it is necessary to keep your wooden floor dry and clean while abstaining it from getting contact with the moisture. 

Again, underlayment can assist in shielding the hardwood layer from destructive moisture. It resists the moisture from entering your wooden floor from underneath. This moisture-proof criterion also limits the seasonal extension or shrinking of your flooring. Isn’t it interesting?

Is Underlayment Necessary For Hardwood Floors

» Minimize annoying sound

Imagine you are walking on your favorite hardwood floor and the floor is making some irritating sound. You may be facing this situation and want to get rid of this problem once and for all. Underlay can help you find a way out of this annoying circumstance. It completely reduces the noise providing a soothing environment. 

Moreover, Underlay absorbs the vibration which occurs on the floor when you walk on it.

» Cushioning agent

Underlayment is extraordinary. It provides a cushioning effect to the walking surface. A Cushioned floor provides you with flexibility and comfort while walking on them. Moreover, it keeps your wooden floor intact for many years.

To sum up

A hardwood floor can be a fantastic inclusion to your home. It provides a stunning look to your favorite dwelling. But, a wooden surface without proper underlayment will not survive in the long run.

Underlayment is getting popular in most of the modern houses all around the world. Surprisingly, now you will find a lot of people who are interested to know is underlayment necessary for hardwood floors. 

Believe me!! You will surely be pleased with the outstanding features and services of the underlay supported wooden floor.

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