How to Use Pineapple Corer

Pineapple corer is one of the modern tools used to cut a pineapple with much ease. It is a kitchen utensil that cuts the pineapple into circular pieces. There are different sizes of the corer to cater for the different sizes of the pineapple. Some are small hence requires small corers. If you use a big corer for a small pineapple, you will cut the skin. The corer is meant to cut the flesh of the fruit only. Other corers are just meant to remove the core of the pineapple only. This article will provide all the information that you need on how to use it. Read on to find out more.

How do we use the corer?

When you have your pineapple ready, take a sharp knife and cut off the head. This provides a flat surface on top of the fruit. Take the corer that matches the size of your apple. Place it in the middle of the pineapple where you have chopped off. Tightly, press down the corer to get a good grip. Twist the handle. It will make some spiral slices as it goes down the fruit. When the corer is approaching down the fruit, just pull out the corer. You are done with the job. Ready for consumption.

What is the procedure of removing the core from the corer?

The first step is to get a clean utensil, probably a plate. Your corer has a hollow part. Place this part over the core. After that, just turn it clockwise while exerting pressure downwards. Push till you get to the lowest part of the fruit. You are then ready to remove the core. To make the work more, you can chop off the bottom part of your pineapple as well. This makes removing the core easier than when the bottom is intact.

Is it possible to core a pineapple without a pineapple corer?

Well, that depends on a person. There some people who cannot do it but in reality, it is possible. However, the procedure won’t be as smooth as when using a pineapple corer. To do the coring, you will need to have two things. These are:

  1. A knife
  2. A chopping board

The knife should be sharp enough to be able to handle the job. Pineapple bark can be so hard for a blunt knife. This can be dangerous for your hands. To ensure that you consume hygienic food, the chopping board should be clean too.

To do the coring, place the pineapple on the chopping board. Using the knife, peel off the bark. When done with the bark, carefully cut off the flesh until you remain with the core.

What is the need for coring? Is it good to eat the core?

We do core the pineapple because of two simple reasons. These are:

  1. To get the best of the pineapple. The flesh of the pineapple is sweet when consumed.
  2. The core is very hard to eat. It is not as nutritious as the flesh itself.
However, the core in itself is not bad for consumption. You can still blend it and consume it. The core still carries with it good nutrients for your body. If you do not want to eat the core, you can dispose it off or even feed it to your livestock.

Apart from the spiral shapes, does corer produce other shapes of the pineapple?

Since the pineapple is circular, the corer will only produce spiral pieces. You can, however, after coring use a knife to cut the spirals into cubes or any other shapes. This makes consumption even simpler. The small cuttings are very efficient too for blending.

How to clean your corer

Once done with the coring, the next step is to do the cleaning. You will need to use dishwashing gel and a soft scouring pad. To do the cleaning, you will also need warm water. Run warm water under the faucet as you gently scrub. Rinse it thoroughly with warm water too. When clean, wipe off the water and leave it to dry completely. Store it in a clean place in readiness for the next assignment.


The corer is one of the utensils that make your kitchen work easy. There are different sizes to cater to different needs. To get the most out of your pineapple, invest in a couple of corers.

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