How to Use a Fondue Pot

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This is a melted cheese dish (originates from Swiss), usually given in a communal pot. It has its specialized pot. The use of the pot, however, is not restricted to fondue alone. This pot is usually heated using a spirit lamp or a candle. The bread is normally consumed by dipping it into the cheese with the use of long-stemmed forks.

It is a fun cooking procedure usually used when serving a meal to a small group of people. For the procedure on how to use a fondue pot, read through this article and find out more.

How then do we use this pot?

One of the first steps is to select the pot of your desire. There are several types of fondue pot including:

  • Ceramic fondue pot – Commonly used when preparing cheese chocolate. It does not require high amounts of heat.
  • Metal fondue pot – Majorly used for fondues that requires intense heat when cooking. Metal is a good conductor of heat.
  • Enamel cast iron fondue pot – This can be used for any kind of fondue.

A fondue pot has its utensils also. These utensils include:

  1. A fork, also known as a skewer. This comes with a fondue pot at the point of purchase of the pot. With color codes, you can easily identify your fork in the event of a mix-up.
  2. A plate for both the cooked and uncooked foods.
  3. The fondue fork. Please, note that fondue fork is only meant for cooking and not for eating. In this case, you will need a normal fork when eating cooked food. Fondue fork when cooking tends to be so hot hence unfit for feeding. It can also spread germs.
  4. Napkins (serviettes) for wiping off food drops, mouth, and the utensils.

When using this pot, avoid heating the base especially when it is empty. Instead, add some water or oil. Use a burner which is the size of the fondue pot base. When the pot has a lot of it, do not let it get into contact with a cold matter, such as a cold surface.

The best fondue practices

  • To protect your table from heat from the pot, always a trivet.
  • Before putting food into the fondue pot, preheat it to the required temperatures. A fondue pot can keep a constant temperature but cannot cook.
  • To have good fun, always limit the number of people using one fondue pot. Should you be having more guests, buy more pots.
  • Avoid serving more than a one-course meal as a fondue. Provide a variety.
  • For a good fondue flavor, do not use water when cooking. Instead, use liquids that are flavored. Examples are wine and broth. Choose the one that works best for you and your guests.
  • Too much food in the fondue pot can cause the oil to splash and potentially burn. Keep the amount of food minimum in the pot. Remove excess water from the food before putting it in the fondue pot. Wet food bubbles and splashes the oil.
  • Should the fire erupt, do not use water to put it off. This instead causes the fire to spread quickly. You should instead use the lid to cover the fire. Lid removes and limits oxygen.
  • Always ensure that the fondue pot is within your eye range. Do not let your guests to be entertained by children unless you are closely supervising them.
  • Avoid using a fondue fork for eating. It can be too hot to put it into the mouth. The fork too after cooking is not so clean. It can spread germs. Always provide a regular fork to your guests.
  • Have some lemon juice readily available when making fondue. The vegetable and fruits can easily turn brown after preparing. To prevent that change of color, sprinkle the lemon juice over it.


The procedure for preparing a fondue seems to be complicated and tedious. It makes it sound like cooking fondue is a task that a few people can undertake. However, just like learning how to cook any other kind of meal, cooking fondue is not so complicated. Once you are done with preparing your first fondue meal, then you will have already become an expert. Give it a try and see how it turns out to be. Use your pot responsibly.

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