How to Use a Deep Fryer

Do you love deep frying? Do you enjoy doing the work? If deep-frying is done well, it can give you the most delicious and crispy flavored meal. If you do have a deep fryer, you must utilize it carefully. Proper use will give you a crispy golden deep-fried food. When a deep fryer is handled improperly, it can easily cause damages. Safety precautions should be undertaken to avoid fires and burns. The process of delicious fried food is by correctly setting up your fryer. Read on to find out more.

How then do we use the deep fryer?

Before you use your fryer to cook, the first procedure is to set it up correctly and properly. If you don’t do the correct setup, you won’t have the correct flavor of food. You may also end up having improperly cooked food. There is also a likelihood of suffering burns or fire accidents due to an improperly set up fryer.

How do you set up a fryer?

There are some critical steps to be followed when setting up a fryer. These steps are:

High smoke point oil

Use oil that needs high temperatures to burn. This will make your food taste burnt and sweet. There are many types of oils with a high smoke point. Good examples include vegetable oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, etc. Those with low smoke points are not good for use in a deep fryer.

Go through your deep fryer manual

Before you use it, it is important to understand how your fryer is operated. There are several varieties of deep fryers. This means that each one is operated differently from another brand. The manual will give you proper instructions on how to use your fryer. You should have the finest details of how to operate your fryer.

Assemble your fryer

Once done with learning the instructions go ahead and assemble your fryer. Make sure that each component is put in its correct location. The manual that came with the fryer should give you the exact process of how to assemble it properly. Do not use it until it is properly configured and assembled.

Assemble the foods that can be deep-fried

Not all food can be cooked in a fryer. There are many varieties of foods however that are good for use in a deep fryer. The most common ones are chicken and even fish. You may also fry vegetables.

Once done with assembling your fryer and the foods to deep fry, the next phase is to go into actual cooking. The procedure for deep frying is as follows:

Take the oil and pour it into the fryer

Do not add oil to the fryer when it is hot. It has to be cool. This will prevent oil from splashing on you and burning you. The fryer has a maximum and a minimum line fill. Do not put less than the minimum amount of oil. Do not overfill it also. You better do it to halfway.

Switch the fryer on

This is meant to preheat the oil before placing any food inside. If your fryer has a lid, close it while the oil preheats.

Heat the oil to the required temperatures

There is not a standard temperature for this process but the recommended range is between 325°F to 327°F. Test the temperature with a thermometer. However, some fryers come with a thermostat, so you just need to switch it on to gauge the temperature. Smoke billowing out of the fryer will mean that the oil is overheating already. Others have lights that will turn on when it hits the right temperature.

Dry your food

Wet food will make the oil bubble. This may cause burns when it comes to contact with your skin. Remove the excess water in the foods by use of a towel.

Slowly, dip your food to the fryer

Submerge the food carefully to avoid spilling the oil. Do not drop food as this may turn out to be more harmful. Be careful not to put plastic utensils into the fryer as it may melt.

Fry your food

Deep-fried food is nice when cooked until golden brown. It may take a different amount of time to have it turn color. Refer to your recipe. Don’t burn your food. Fry your food in small batches. This will prevent overcrowding and oil spillage.

Remove the food

When well cooked, removed the food from the fryer. Put it in a dryer, let it cool a little bit. Serve it with your other favorite meal.

Cooking using a deep fryer is a simple task. So long as you follow the correct procedure, you will never have a rough time with your cooking. Follow safety procedures when cooking. You will love the outcome.

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