How to Use a Crockpot

How to use a crockpot? A crockpot (slow cooker) is a countertop cooking appliance used to cook at a lower amount of temperature. It uses moist heat to cook foods over a longer time. The food that is produced is so delicious. Some of its common components are the pot, the glass lid, and the heating element.

This article is going to give you insightful information on how to work with a crockpot. Read on to find out more:

How do we use this pot to cook?

The following steps will guide you on how to use the pot.

Take it off from the packaging

After removing, wash the inner part. Do also wash the upper glass section. Use warm water and dish soap to do the cleaning.

Make space for your pot

Since it produces a lot of heat, you should make a space for it away from other utensils. It is safe if it stands alone. Provide enough space from all sides. Plug it into the electric source in readiness for use.

Every time you want to use, ensure you give it enough space, including on the top side. This is because the steam it produces can burn anything above it. However, when not in use, keep it safe in your cupboard. Unplug it from the power source when not in use.

Read through the manual

When you have plugged in and ready to use, go through the pot manual one more time. Different brands have different settings as well as cleaning instructions. You, therefore, need to be sure before setting your pot in motion. It is always important to refer to the manual just in case you are not sure about something.

Assemble your recipe

Not all recipes go be used on the crockpot. Find one that is specifically designed to be cooked on this type of pot. When using a crockpot, always ensure that you fill at least half. This will help in slow cooking. Should you be having a small cooker, it is better to cook in batches.

Prepare your recipe early

If you intend to cook your meal in a workday, you will need to prepare the ingredients in advance. You can do it the night prior to the actual cooking. This will make you able to pour the items into the pot in early in the morning. You will then establish the temperature that will allow it to cook the whole day.

Slice your ingredients to required sizes

If you are to cook your meals in a low condition for more than six hours, you will then need to cut the vegetables to large sizes. It is, however, possible to cut the vegetables into smaller pieces. But you will then introduce the vegetables at a later stage during cooking.

For the meat recipe

Always make your meat brown before putting it in the crock. You can use a hot pan with a little oil to brown your meat on all sides. Browning seals the meat juices inside. This, in turn, creates a rich sweet flavor. Cook the meat quickly and turn it on all sides to avoid drying it.

For a quick cook

In order to shorten the cooking time, you will heat the sauce before placing it in the crock. This will shorten the cooking time and ensure the sauce is mixed properly. It also ensures that the sauce is mixed properly before cooking.

Set your crock

Put your crock to warm setting if you want it to cook the whole working day. However, not all crockpots come with this setting. Older versions of crockpots too miss this setting hence it may not be able to cook on its own. It may end up burning the food if not properly monitored. When buying a crockpot, please check to ensure that it has this setting to avoid disappointments.


Crockpots are some of the best machinery to use in your kitchen. It is so handy to use especially when you are limited by time. This is especially when you have less time to spend in your kitchen during the day. How to use a crockpot it is not a complicated process too. Give it a try.

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