How to Unclog Shower Heads? Easy Way to Clean Clogged

If you notice that water from your showerhead is blasting out in all directions, take note. Again, if the flow is becoming nearly inconsistent or nonexistent, the perforations in your showerhead are certainly clogged. Undoubtedly, the only remedy is knowing how to unclog shower heads and doing exactly that. As simple as that!

So, how do you unclog shower heads?

Probably, this will depend on how the extent to which problem as gone. Normally, some showerheads can easily be unclogged without removing it. Nevertheless, if the issues a bit advanced, you may need to remove them before unclogging.

How to clean your showerhead?

✔️ As much as you can, wipe the dry debris from the holes using a scrubber sponge.

✔️ Check if your showerhead is spraying properly. If you it does not do so, it means that the debris has stuck to it for a while. You will need to mix a solution of an equal amount of water and white vinegar. Next, empty it into a plastic bag.

✔️ Place the plastic bag around your showerhead until the holes are submerged in the solution. Subsequently, fasten the bag to showerhead's shaft using a twist tie.

✔️ Wait for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes for it to soak. If possible, you can even wait for an hour for the best results.

✔️ Remove the bag then wipe away the slackened deposits. Try to run the shower on the hot water in order to flush.

With this, you should unclog your showerhead and the water should begin shooting as usual.

But what should you do when the problem persists even after this?

First of all, if the above procedure does not solve your problem, it means that the clogging is advanced. Hence, you will need to apply an advance method too.

So, what should you do then? If this goes beyond the vigor of vinegar, you will have to open the showerhead and try advanced cleaning. Also read Handheld Shower Head For Low Water Pressure.

The advanced cleaning

✔️ Detach the showerhead. To detach your showerhead, unfasten the bolt at the shower arm. Be careful not to mar the finish of the fixture. You should apply a wrench instead of pliers. Again, cushion your device using a rag as you work.

✔️ Flush the showerhead. Run a sharp gust of water into the showerhead by keeping it upside down beneath a faucet. Remember that your objective is to flush slackened debris out via the opening that joins to the shower arm.

✔️ Disassemble and wash the showerhead. Again, if there are still crystal sediments, you can scour the showerhead using vinegar and an old toothbrush to slacken debris. Use a safety pin or toothpick to poke out extra deposits. Next, soak the pieces in vinegar overnight to disintegrate any leftover deposits. If you need additional cleaning power, scoop some tablespoons of usual baking soda in the vinegar for soaking. Certainly, the natural grinding will further release clogged ways. Try to rinse again.

✔️ Assemble and reinstall the showerhead. First, bandage fresh plumbing tape throughout the twists of the shower arm to guarantee a reliable seal. Besides, reattach the showerhead right to the shower arm with the wrench. Shield the fixture's finish using towels or soft rags as you work.

​Final Notes

No doubt, prevention is better than cure. There are some tips you can use to stop the clogging of your shower head. If you can learn them and successfully apply them, well, you will avoid all these nuisances. Notwithstanding, the above methods can perfectly sort you out if you keenly follow them.

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