How to Replace a Kitchen Sink Sprayer Hose By Yourself

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Over the lifetime use of a kitchen sink sprayer, it wears out slowly by slowly. This is a normal phenomenon with all things manufactured for use. When the time of replacement comes, it should be done promptly. However, there is a procedure to follow while undertaking this duty. The procedure is specific and detailed.

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how to replace kitchen sink sprayer hose

What is the material needed to accomplish this task?

They include but not limited to:

  • A pair of pliers.
  • New sprayer which will be used for replacement
  • The wrench.
  • Plumber’s putty.

How to replace kitchen sink sprayer hose?

  • Work on a dry tap.

As usual, before working on any water system, you have to turn off the water first. This is to be done from the main valve. It won’t be possible to replace the sprayer while at the same time having water on and running.

  • Check the configuration of the sink.

This is partly because the sprayer you want to change could be significantly different from the existing one. Check to confirm that all the components to be used in replacement are available. These include the mounting hole and the diverter valve nipple sprayer. Please note that if the faucet does not have a diverter, then the sprayer cannot be installed.

how to replace sink sprayer

  • Take off the sprayer flex line.

This is usually located below the sink. Loosen the bolt holding the two-component to be able to pull them apart. This can be done with the aid of pliers. If it does not have the bold, then you have to break the copper tubing leading to the sink and break it. Be careful when breaking it because it may harm you.

  • Remove the sprayer hose.

This is best done by pulling it up and out. You may need to work at the local store with what you have just removed. This is to be used in finding the perfect replacement for the sprayer. If you have mastered the design of the old sprayer however, then it will not be necessary to carry it with you. There is an exception when replacing it with a very different kind of sprayer. This will require that you carry it.

  • Take off the old sprayer housing.

If the old one is still in good shape, then it might not be necessary to remove it. However, if you do not need it, then you have to take it off. Unscrew the mounting nut from below the sink. You can use a pair of pliers or a wrench for the job. Hold the housing tightly so that it does not rotate with the nut. This is common especially when the two have been together for quite some time. You can use the hand to hold on to the house. Be careful not to harm your fingers since it may rotate vigorously.

kitchen sprayer hose quick connect

  • Install the new housing.

This is that part of the system which will hold the sprayer in place. Installing is done by inserting the housing through the hole in the sink deck. It should be able to fit the hole completely without leaving any space. Nevertheless, if a gap is left after inserting, you can use the plumber’s putty to seal off. Leaving spaces will cause a lot of water to drop down, which is not healthy.

Once you have sealed, then tightening the mounting nut should be done after that. This is to be done from below the sink as well. The work can be done by use of a pair of pliers or even a basin wrench. When in the process of tightening you discover that the housing is rotating too, you will need to hold it tight. You can press it using one hand while tightening it using another hand. Take care not to over tighten the entire system until you break it down.

how to replace kitchen sink sprayer hose

  • Attach a threaded fitting.

You will have threaded the new sprayer in waiting for the connection. From under the sink, attach the new sprayer to the diverter nipple of the faucet. Once fit well, use pliers to tighten the sprayer to the faucet. Sprayers do face a lot of pressure when releasing water hence the need to have them tight before using.

  • Test the system.

Now everything is in place. The new sprayer has been fastened. It comes to the time of testing. Here, you are checking for two things, namely:

  1. Whether the sprayer is working correctly.
  2. If the new sprayer is leaking or not.

Should the two tasks be accomplished well, then you have done a good job. But if it fails even a single test, then you will need to re-do the entire process. Neglecting any of the above problems will cause your sprayer to function improperly. It may also cause the house to be wet all the time because of leaks.

To complete the process, you will need to run hot water through the new sprayer. This is to help in softening the tube while at the same time allowing it to go up and down with ease.

how to replace kitchen sink sprayer hose

How long does it take for the sprayer to be replaced?

This majorly depends on how you use the sprayer. It also depends on how you take care of your kitchen fittings. If you handle a lot of care, it will serve you for long. The opposite is true too. The more you use it, the more it experiences wear and tear. So you will need to replace it after a short while. However, you will just need to replace it when necessary.


Replacing a kitchen sink sprayer is not a complicated process. It requires one to have the correct material and relevant knowledge. If you are not sure of the process, you can always consult this manual. Get the plumber to help you if you cannot manage it on your own. Follow the above-listed steps and you will do it right.

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