How to Repair a Delta Kitchen Faucet in 11 Simple Steps

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Faucets are part and parcel of our kitchens. They are very useful every time you need some water to do the cleaning, washing the utensils or even washing the hand.

A good faucet which is practically in good condition provides a sense of enjoyment in the kitchen. A broken or worn-out faucet can be too annoying.

It may spill the water all around or even block water from coming out. There is a need to repair the faucet once you see that it is not functioning well. So how do you do the replacement? Follow through this article for more.

How is the repair of a delta kitchen faucet done?

First things first. To begin with, you have to purchase a genuine replacement part from a trusted store. You will not want to spend your money on buying a non-genuine product which may not last long. Once you have the genuine parts, follow the following steps:

  1. Turn off the water and close the valves under the sink.

It is practically impossible to repair the faucet when the water is running through. You will, therefore, have to switch it off completely.

The next thing is to carefully turn off the valves beneath the sink. These valves need some care since they are rarely used and they may end up corroding if well tightened.

They are also softer because they are designed using brass. This means that they can be disfigured easily if force is used to turn off. While at that, you will need to make the screws that hold the handle inn place loose.

This is better done using an Allen wrench. Now remove the handle from the faucet and assemble it aside so as not to lose small parts.

  1. Raise and or reduce the pressure of the water.

Remember that at this point, water is fully switched off. However, the faucet is an adjustable chrome-dome that has a plastic ring that can be used to adjust the pressure of the water. Adjust the plastic ring to the level of your desire. You will need to remove this component too to do some adjustments.

  1. Take off the disc (plastic) which is always placed on the upper part of ball.

As usual, observe some care as these things are all delicate. This rubber is usually attached to a rubber gasket. The work of the gasket is to keep off the water from leaking especially as you open the water.

  1. With care, detach the ball.

Ensure that you do not damage the ball socket as you pull out the ball. It is attached to one side; hence you may not want to damage that part. This is because it may prove to be more costly to replace the entire set.

delta kitchen faucet repair diagram

  1. The 2 black rubber pieces.

They can be seen at the bottom of the socket. They are the washers. Their work is to prevent water leakage when the faucet is not in use. Remember that when the faucet is turned off, water is still in it.

In the absence of these washers, water would leak out freely. These rubber pieces can be dealt with by the use of a screwdriver. Do not forget to eliminate the spring as well.

Replace the springs with new ones. Do so for the two washers, including the one that you have taken off earlier. Press it firmly but carefully until the springs are in place.

Put in some little grease to work on the lubrication of the faucet. The grease should act as a lubricant until the faucet is out of use.

  1. Pull its arm upwards to remove it.

Make sure that while pulling it out, rotate it too. Be as gentle as possible so as not to break parts. Once detached, you will be able to see some two huge black washers. They enclose the right shaft. Remove these washers and replace them too with the respective ones.

Once again do not forget to apply some little amount of grease to maintain the smooth rotation all the times. Washers are responsible for keeping water from leaking; hence they should be lubricated well for effective functionality.

  1. Replace the Faucet arm and the ball socket.

This is done by gently pressing down the firmly, at the same time rotating it from one side to the other. This is to ensure that it fits in properly. Next, install another ball socket without forgetting the layout of the ball. For ease, ensure that the cylinder is standing upright in the beginning. You may need to see the delta kitchen faucet repair diagram to understand the mentioned parts here.

  1. Put back the components.

In the order that you had taken them off, put back the components one by one. Ensure that you adjust the plastic ring appropriately. This is meant to enable you to replace it with a lot of ease and without hassle.

  1. Set the chrome-dome

At this point, you have to ensure that everything fits well into its place. It may happen to be the very challenging part of the exercise. Do not miss to let everything fit well, failure to which the faucet will either:

  • Fail to function – not releasing any water or
  • Run water continuously without stopping.

When it has fit properly, fasten the chrome-dome on to the entire assembly. Slightly loosen the plastic inset so that the faucet will be able to turn up and down when it is fully fitted.

Fasten the plastic ring to ensure that everything works perfectly.

How to repair delta kitchen faucet

  1. Put back the faucet handle.

Again you will use Allen to put it back. Be careful not to break parts. Before you settle, ensure that you do not have parts remaining outside, as it may imply that you missed a step while putting things back.

  1. Switch on the water valves and test run the water.

At this point, check for oozes by running the water through the faucet. Increase the volume of water consistently until you achieve maximum pressure. Maintain a closer observation of the faucet to ascertain whether it is leaking or not. If it is not, then congrats, you have done a good job.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

Can you repair the delta kitchen faucet?

Yes, these types of faucets are repairable. However, much depends on the extent of the damage. There are some instances whereby a total overhaul is better than doing the repairs. You can do the repairs on your own, as well as outsourcing the service.

If the work involves a lot of plumbing, then I would advise you to hire a qualified person to do the task.

The procedure of fixing the faucet is a standard one, and you only need an Allen wrench and a screwdriver for the job. You may also need large joint pliers to assist in the work.

What can cause damages to the kitchen faucet?

Many factors can make the faucet to leak. Among them include mineral deposits in the internal part and corrosion. Other factors are defective gaskets, washers, and even O-rings.

Most of these leakages are easy to fix, and you can do them at home. If you have the right tools and some basic plumbing knowledge, then it should be easy for you to fix the problem.

What are the effects of a dripping faucet?

It is not healthy to have a leaking faucet in the room. The effects include a moist environment, growth of bacteria and algae, an increase in water bills, and so on. Water also reduces the life useful life of the kitchen and the surrounding fixtures.

Dripping faucets increases the water bills by about ten percent every month. That means more losses in your finances.

How much does it cost to repair a kitchen faucet?

It depends on the damage that it has. The nation average lies between sixty to one-hundred and fifty dollars. However, you will be able to determine the actual price depending on the nature of the problem.

If you are buying all the spare parts, then cost will even be higher, unlike when you have them at home.

How long do faucet cartridges last?

It depends on how you use the faucet. The cartridges adapt easily to the use and the surrounding environment. That notwithstanding, it should serve you for between twenty to thirty years. The average cost of a cartridge is about thirty to forty dollars.

Can I change the O-rings of my delta faucet?

Yes, you can change them when they wear out. After using for some time, their effectiveness diminishes, and finally, it begins to let water drip.

It is advisable to change them whenever it starts leaking.


A bad faucet should not be used in the kitchen, it may cause discomfort to the kitchen. Replace parts carefully. Also, remember to get genuine parts for the replacement.

Avoid as much as possible replacing your kitchen faucet with parts from other organizations. In case it becomes difficult to do the replacement, get the help of a plumber.

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