How to Remove Rust from Dish Rack?

Your kitchen reflects your taste and aesthetics to a great extent. This is why you would like to have the best tools in your kitchen. One such useful appliance you would have is a dish rack. Yes, this is where you can put your wet cookware to dry it thoroughly.

However, you need to be careful when it comes to the maintenance of the dishwasher. The reason being it is prone to catch rust quickly.

Well, if you want your dish rack to be rust-free, it is essential to clean and dry your dish rack periodically. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the dish rack can save you from frustration later on.

Why is my dishwasher rack rusting?

  • There are various types of dishwashers rack available such as wood, plastic, metal, and vinyl covered and coating. Generally, most people make some of these mistakes, like dropping the dishes into the racks and overload the dishwasher. This practice may damage your dishwasher’s vinyl coating very soon.
  • Sometimes it happens that the vinyl coating melts from the tips of the racks. It may also damage the dish rack. Besides, it may rust a part of your dish racks if you don’t fix it here. If your heating cycle is too hot, it can melt the vinyl-covered from the stands.
  • When a vinyl coating breaks and nicks, the rusting occurs because the vinyl coating is protecting your dish racks from rust. The rusting occurs when metal is unguarded from vinyl cover and fully exposed to water, even it is just a small line from where the metal is exposed from vinyl.
  • If you are putting sharp-edged cutlery like knives and forks in the dish rack, it will encourage the appearance of rust and mildew. Similarly, if you are leaving the cutlery without proper washing, it will be the leading cause of spreading rust on your dishrack.
  • The water pipes in the dishwasher may also be the reason to cause the rust as they are made up of copper, brass, and metal. When the metals react with each other, the erosion happens, and it will be leading your dishwasher to rust.

How to get hard water stains off from dish rack

How to remove rust from stainless steel dish rack?

Stainless steel contains 14% chromium in it. Chromium is used in household products. The basic purpose of chromium is to save and protect the steel from rust. To get a rust-free dishwasher rack, you should follow these simple and easy steps.

Remove stains from Oxalic Acid:

If you have a stainless-steel dish rack and it started to rust, use oxalic acid cleaner to remove the rust from the steel. This can be readily available in all superstores. It’s available in a liquid and powder form.

But I think powder form is the better choice as you can sprinkle it all over the rack and scrub it properly to obliterate the rust.

For the liquid version, you can pour some liquid on a towel and start cleaning the rusted area. After you remove the rust, rinse the rack thoroughly.

Baking soda

Fill the sink with water and mix a little amount of baking soda in it, soak the dish rack thoroughly in this water for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, you can remove it from the water and wash it thoroughly. It is the best tip to remove rust also.


You may repeat the same process by replacing baking soda with vinegar solution to prevent your dish rack from rust.

Fill the sink with water and add 1 cup vinegar in it or you can simply pour the vinegar directly on dish rack where the rust is appearing. After that scrub it hard with a brush or sponge to clean the rust thoroughly. Now rinse it off with plain water.

Lemon juice

Clean the rust with lemon juice. Mix an equal amount of lemon juice and baking soda to make a paste. Cover the rusted part with this paste and leave it for 30 minutes to work well before you scrub and rinse.

How to remove rust from stainless steel dish rack

How to get hard water stains off from dish rack?

With water stains, your dish rack will look dirty and unclean. So, you must clean the dish rack tray in which the water stays for long.

You should clean it every day or twice a week to save the dish rack from dust and mildew. All you need is a continuous effort and patience while cleaning it.

The hard stains of water and mineral can easily be removed by one ingredient, which is readily available in your kitchen as it is an essential ingredient of the kitchen.

Step 1

You just have poured some undiluted vinegar on the dish rack and its tray and leave it for an hour to get the desired result.

After leaving it for an hour, your dish rack will be completely clean and stains free. Also, stainless steel dish rack vinegar plays the same role because it is safe for stainless steel.

Step 2

Scrub it properly with the wire brush or sponge to rub it in a circular motion to remove the stains of water.

Step 3

Rinse the surface where you applied vinegar solution with water. After that, you will get a clean, shiny look like a new one.

Step 4

After rinsing it off, place it under the sun for completely air dry. This will prevent the new water stains developing.

Water may also leave the most challenging stains on the dish rack, which can be a result of a messy look of the dish rack. You can remove the hard water stains with a suitable quality dish liquid.

They have the acidic ingredients in it, which will remove the most challenging stains from the dish rack and gives you the brightest and stain-free look ever.

How to Remove Rust from Dish Rack

How to prevent dish rack from rusting?

If the dust and mildew are giving you a hard time for your dish rack, follow these simple steps to prevent your dish rack from rusting.

  • Always clean your dish rack properly twice or thrice in a week to prevent it from getting rusty. Because it gets dirty with time and needs maintenance and cleanliness thoroughly.
  • So better to clean the dish rack first before you place the dishes. It has two significant benefits; one is your dishes will be bacteria-free, and most importantly, it will prevent the dish rack’s vinyl protection from rust.
  • If you place a towel under the dish rack tray, replace it daily with a dry one. This is best to save your dish rack from mold and rust.
  • If there is some water remaining in the tray while the dishes are dry, then remove the tray. Wash and scrub each piece of a tray with a dish liquid properly, now rinse the tray with water and dump a towel to dry. Afterward, air dry to prevent mildew and rust.

Vinegar is the best solution to remove rust from the dish racks even if they are of stainless steel. These are the steps to clean the dish rack with vinegar at least once a week.
How to prevent dish rack from rusting

  • You just have to fill the sink with water and pour 1 cup of vinegar in it.
  • Soak the dish rack into it entirely for 15 minutes.
  • Remove dish rack from water and scrub it properly with a sponge and rinse with water to make it clean. You can see the result from your eyes and can’t believe it. It will remove the rust and mildew from your dishrack and give it a cleaner look at the end.
  • You may also spray the vinegar on a dish rack and scrub with sponge or brush to rinse off the rust.


Is rust on dishwasher racks dangerous?

The rust on the dishwasher can be more hazardous for health. The exposed metal can scratch the dishes and glasses. Rusting may cause the breaking of the plates too. Rust also encourages bacteria to grow, which is very harmful to your health.

Do stainless steel dish racks rust?

Stainless steel dish racks are the best to keep because there is no coating that will break or nicks. But surely, over time, it may also get rusty when the inside temperature of the dishwasher rises very high.

Does vinegar remove rust?

The white vinegar can react like an acid. It is the best household ingredient to remove rust from the objects. All you have to do is soak the dish rack in the kitchen sink, which has water and vinegar solution in it.

Then after 20 – 30 minutes, remove it and scrub it with wire brush or sponge and rinse it thoroughly.

Does baking soda remove rust?

Yes, baking soda can make your dish rack completely rust-free. Make a thick paste of baking soda with water and apply it to the rusted area. Now leave it for a few minutes and rinse it off with water.


Dishwasher racks got a mixed feeling of love and hate. We love them because they hold our dishes properly and dry them fast without any stain. And we have a hate feeling when their trays gather water into it.

So, to keep your dish rack clean and tidy, you should follow the above steps to prevent it from rust and mildew.

Dish racks can quickly get dirty and rusty from the misty environment of the kitchen and regular dust coming from outside and also from food particles that will remain on the dishes during cleaning.

So, to prevent it from rusting, you can make your habit to clean it frequently.

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