How To Remove Hair Dye From A Sink: 16 Proven DIY Methods

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Hair dye is one of those things that seem harmless until you realize that it’s permanently coloring your hair.

It’s no surprise that people use hair dye to change their appearance.

But did you know that hair dye can damage your sink?

It can, so you don’t want to leave those stains there too long.

Here are some proven tips for you to remove hair dye stains from your sink:

1. Use Warm Water

Use warm water to wash out hair dye from your sink. Hair dye is usually formulated to dissolve in cold water.

2. Use Soap

Soap is another effective way to remove hair dye from your sinks. The suds in soap break down the chemicals in hair dye.

3. Rinse Well

Rinse your sink thoroughly after using soap to remove hair dye. Make sure to rinse away any residue left behind.

4. Dry Your Sink

After rinsing your sink, dry it off completely. This helps prevent future staining.

5. Don’t Reuse Your Sink

Make sure to clean your sink properly after removing hair dye. Do not reuse your sink.

6. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

how to remove hair dye from sink

Avoid using bleach or ammonia to clean your sink. These products may cause permanent damage to your sink.

7. Clean Your Sink Regularly

Clean your sink regularly to prevent buildup. If you notice stains forming, try cleaning your sink with vinegar and baking soda.

8. Use a Plastic Scrubber

A plastic scrubber is an inexpensive tool that works well for removing hair dye from your sink without damaging your sink.

9. Use a Toothbrush

Toothbrushes are useful tools for removing hair dye from sinks. Simply brush the bristles against the sink to loosen the hair dye.

10. Use a Sponge

Sponges are helpful for removing hair dye from the sides of your sink. Just wipe them along the edges of the sink to loosen hair color.

11. Use a Spray Bottle

how to remove hair dye from sink

Spray bottles come in handy for loosening hair dye from your sink and preventing it from building up again.

12. Use a Razor Blade

A razor blade is a good option for removing hair dye from a sink. Simply run the blade across the surface of the sink to loosen the hair dye.

13. Use a Vegetable Peeler

Vegetable peelers are useful for removing hair dye from surfaces such as countertops and sinks. Simply run the peeler over the area to loosen the hair dye. Be careful when peeling around pipes.

14. Use a Spoon

Spoons are great for removing hair dye from areas like sinks where there isn’t much room to maneuver. Simply scrape the spoon along the side of the sink to loosen colored hair.

15. Use a Heat Gun

how to remove hair dye from sink

Heat guns work well for removing hair dye on small surfaces like sinks. Heat the surface of the sink and then carefully move the nozzle back and forth to loosen the several passes to get all the hair dye removed.

16. Use a Blow Dryer

Blow dryers are useful for removing stubborn hair dye from sinks. Turn the unit on low and gently hold the nozzle above the sink. Blow air into the nozzle until the hair dye comes loose.


Q: How do I know if my hair dye has dissolved?

A: You should see clear water running through your sink. If you still see colored water, repeat steps 1-4.

Q: What can I use to remove hair dye from my faucet?

A: Water will dissolve most hair dyes. However, some colors require special cleaners. Check out our guide to Removing Hair Color From Faucets.

Q: Can I use dishwashing liquid to remove hair dye?

A: Dishwashing liquids contain enzymes that break down hair dye. They won’t work for every type of hair dye but they’re worth trying.

Q: Is it safe to use acetone to remove hair dye? Will it harm my sink?

A: Acetone is a common household cleaner. It’s also used to remove paint and grease stains. It’s safe to use on sinks because it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Q: How long does it take to remove hair dye? Does it damage the sink?

A: The amount of time it takes to remove hair dye depends on how deeply it’s embedded in the material. For example, hair dye may be easier to remove from ceramic than metal or glass.

Q: Do I need to rinse after using a bleach remover?

A: Bleach removers usually have instructions about rinsing with clean water. Follow those directions.

Q: Can you remove hair dye from a showerhead?

A: Yes! Showerheads are porous so hair dye can easily stick to them. Try these tips to remove hair dye from a bathroom fixture.

Q: Are there any products that don’t work for removing hair dye?

A: Some hair dyes are made from ingredients that aren’t compatible with certain cleaning agents. These types of hair dyes include permanent colorings, which are designed to stay on your hair permanently. Other types of hair dyes, including temporary hair colors, can be removed with regular soap and water.

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