How to Remodel a Small Kitchen On a Tight Budget

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Does the size of the kitchen matter to you? How big or how small should the kitchen be? It is not always a pleasant idea to have a small kitchen. The reason is that you could be having a lot of things to store in there. There are some instances in which it is impossible to have a small kitchen.

In such a case, you should think of how to remodel. How then should you do it? I have developed this article to look into various ways with which you can remodel. Read on for more information.

How much does it cost to remodel a small kitchen?

To get the exact or the approximate cost of remodeling a small kitchen, you have to know the exact size of the kitchen. The best unit of measurement is the square foot. Many people spend an average of $25’000 to $25’500 to remodel their kitchens. The cost could, however, vary depending on several factors. These factors include the quality of the material you will use, the size of the space or even whether you will do a complete makeover.

The availability or unavailability of the construction material is also a contributing factor to the cost. The purchase price of these materials will also determine the final cost of remodeling the kitchen. You are likely to pay more if you hire someone to do the task on your behalf.

you calculate the cost per square foot, you will notice that it costs approximately $150. This cost is not however explicit. It may rise above $150 depending on several factors. The real cost of remodeling will be determined when the whole process will be complete.

All the costs indicated above are an average cost. That means that the cost might become slightly higher or lower than that.

How to Remodel a Small Kitchen

What are some of the small kitchen remodel ideas?

Several ideas are applicable when remodeling the kitchen. Remodeling can be done in any part of the kitchen. Things to consider here include:

⇒ Paint the kitchen cabinets.

Here, you have to select a color that will brighten your kitchen. You do not need to have a lot of skills to do this, but just some basic skills will do. Neutral colors will make your kitchen look more relaxed but with a lot of elegance. The kitchen will appear new all the time when you apply fresh paint.

⇒ Have some open shelves.

Open shelves will save you more space as compared to closed upper or closed cabinets. These shelves can accommodate several items. This will in effect make a small kitchen appear larger than usual. You will need to install the shelves with sizes like that of a standard cabinet. The lower shelve should be placed at least 18 inches above the counter.

When you will have completed the construction, the shelves will take up almost everything. There will be a lot of space left in the kitchen because everything will be up on the shelves. You will be left with space for other items in the kitchen.

The idea of using open shelves as compared to using the closed cabinets is to create more storage space. Closets tend to occupy a lot of necessary space which may make the small kitchen appear congested.

⇒ Add a kitchen island.

This is a small structure that is normally found in the middle or within the kitchen. You can construct one with two or three shelves. The top part will be useful when preparing food ingredients before cooking. Its upper part looks like a table on top, hence it can be used to keep some items as well. The shelves on the island can be used to store utensils, food items and so on. An island works just like open shelves, the difference is that the shelves are built against the wall.

The need for a kitchen island does not depend on the size of the kitchen. Every kitchen must have one even without considering its actual size.

There are several designs of an island and there is always one for your kitchen. There are several designs of islands and there is always one for your kitchen. You can always choose an island that will save some space and bring some elegance to your kitchen.

How to Remodel a Small Kitchen

⇒ Introduce a countertop flair.

The countertop will be able to hold a lot of things hence saving some good amount of space in your kitchen. This item can hold things such as fruits and utensils. It may not be ideal for cutlery such as spoons, forks, and knives. You will be surprised at how much this small item will make your kitchen appear a whole new. Several designs of the same are in existence, you are to choose one that will optimize the space in the kitchen.

⇒ Modernize your appliances.

Most of the old model appliances are big, hence they consume a lot of space. These appliances might not be energy efficient as well. One of the best ways to remodel the kitchen is to do an overhaul of the kitchen appliances. You can buy a water-saving dishwasher, a power-saving refrigerator, a new microwave and so on. The new appliances should be able to save on the cost of operating them. These appliances should be able to minimize the space that they occupy as well.

⇒ Make a splash.

Upgrade your kitchen with a new interior design and an appealing with a tile backlash. It can best apply to the cooking and food preparation area. This will allow a lot of creativity in your mind to be displayed through this work. Look for the tiles that will make your kitchen new and fresh. The tile which you choose should be visible for one to notice a difference.

⇒ Flooring.

Kitchen remodeling will not be complete without doing the floor. Many choices are available. I advise you to pick on one which is durable and easy to clean. One made of hardwood will be able to satisfy the above two conditions with a lot of ease. However, that is my opinion and I would advise you to choose what you consider best for your kitchen.

A positive side of using the hardwood is that it is safe all the time. Chances of slipping or breaking the falling utensils are minimized.

⇒ Kitchen remodels ideas for small kitchens.

Remodeling is the same whether for bigger or smaller kitchens. In most cases, bigger kitchens are being remodeled to appear like they are new. On the other hand, smaller kitchens are being remodeled to have enough space. Remodeling is also intended to make the kitchen look new and appealing.


1. Is it possible to carry remodeling on a budget?

Yes, indeed it is possible. There is no need to break your bank account in the name of remodeling. Where your budget does not allow you to do a complete makeover, then do it in bits. After all, it is just remodeling and not a process of building a new house. I advise you to do it little by little until you complete the entire process. Alternatively, you can choose specific items to work on and leave out the rest.

2. What can I do to minimize the cost of remodeling?

The first thing is that it is always possible to do the exercise at a slightly lower cost than the average. You should, however, be ready to do the majority of the work. If you hire an expert to do the work, then definitely the cost will shoot up. You can do the whole exercise at under $5’000 if you practically do the work. This cost will be that of materials and some incidental costs. A specialist can only step in to assist where you do not have the technical know-how.

3. My kitchen measures 10×10. How much should it cost me to remodel?

On average, to remodel a square foot in a kitchen should cost around $150 to $175. If, for example, you are lucky enough to spend $150 per square foot, then it would mean that you will pay $15’000 in total. The average cost of such an exercise lies between $15’000 to $30’000. You should take into consideration other incidental costs that may raise the cost higher.

It is good to factor in such costs in any work. You can, for example, set aside $500 on top of your budget for any incidental works that will arise. This does not mean that you will spend $15’500 for work. The extra amount is meant to cater for any unforeseen expenses that may arise in the course of remodeling.

4. How much will it cost me to replace the cabinets with a shelf?

A closed does not make the kitchen appealing and does not save space as compared to shelves. If you are to remodel, then you should consider installing the shelves. The cost of replacing the cabinet for the shelf will be between $2’000 to $9’000. This is a tentative cost and it does not necessarily have to cost a lot.

The type of remodeling, material choices, and the design will determine where the price will fall. If you are not planning to do a complex job, then it would be cheaper to do the entire task.

5. What are the benefits of remodeling a kitchen?

  • Several benefits accrue from remodeling a kitchen. They include:
  • It increases storage options.
  • The safety will improve.
  • It adds value to the kitchen and many more.


It is always advisable that you remodel your kitchen. There are several ways to do the exercise, as explained through the ideas listed above. It is good to have a rough idea of the cost before beginning the work. The good news is that you can do the exercise in bits. You do not have to drain yourself financially when remodeling. Make your small kitchen appealing today by doing some remodeling.

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