How to Paint a Kitchen Table

To make your kitchen table beautiful and appealing, having a beautifully painted table is a requirement. Apart from giving your kitchen table a facelift, it is also important to give the whole a fresh new look. However, since the table is one of the most used items in the kitchen, the painting can wear out easily. It is therefore important to paint it all the time.

Materials needed before painting

Before you start the actual painting, you need to have all the materials ready. The material needed include:

  1. The paint
  2. The brush
  3. The gloss finish
  4. The paint roller
  5. Turpentine
  6. The coarse grit sandpaper
  7. The primer
  8. The painter's tape and
  9. The polyurethane brush.
Not all these materials are a necessity. Others are optional. Depending on the painter, additional material can be sought too. You as the kitchen owner too may have your own preferences when painting your table.

How to Paint a Kitchen Table

Prepare the painting area

Clear your painting area of all unnecessary items. You wouldn’t want to spill paint to some of your valuable properties. If you are going to do the paint indoors, you need to cover your floor too. Use the painter’s tape to seal off areas where you don’t want the paint to touch. This may not be necessary when you intend to paint the whole table.

After completing the set-up, smoothen the surface with the sandpaper. This makes it smooth, and very adhesive to paint.

Coat the sanded surface

When done with smoothening the surface, apply the first coat. Coat helps the paint to bond with the table properly. Apply the primer at this point. Ensure that the primer touches every point of the table. Where the surface is too small for the brush, consider getting the spray paint primer. After applying the primer, allow it sufficient time to dry off before painting

Paint the table

Once the primer has fully dried up, it is now time to apply the color. For better results, you will need to apply the coat of color paint at least twice. This gives it a seamless look. You brush should be able to clear any drips that may form. The brush strokes should be even.

Add a gloss finish to the painting

If satisfied with the painting already done, you can end the job there. Adding the gloss is optional, though it gives your table a more beautiful and attractive look. Gloss helps in protecting the painting as it encloses the paint below its layer. Gloss helps the table to remain beautiful for long. Once the table is dry, you will need to dust off any remaining debris on the table. Apply polyurethane as a final element to give your kitchen table a shiny look.

Give it time to dry up completely

Using the table while still wet may cause the paint to be distorted. At this point, you should let it dry thoroughly and completely before using it. If the paint gets disturbed before it fully dries up, you may be forced to redo the whole painting from scratch. That is a costly but avoidable mistake.

It takes approximately 48 to 72 hours to fully dry. That means that the earliest you can use your table is two days after finishing the painting. Once the process is complete, you will be having a beautiful table for you and your family to use and enjoy.

General points to note when painting your kitchen table

☑️ Always get a professional painter to do the work for you. A well-painted table should be appealing.

☑️ Keep paint away from foods. Paint is poisonous and may cause harm if ingested.

☑️ Do the painting regularly. Give your kitchen a beautiful look all the time.

☑️ Always wear protective gear when painting. Make your health a priority.

☑️ Do the painting away from children.

☑️ When painting, do not bring fire close to the colors. Some components may be highly flammable.


Hiring a professional to do the painting all the time can be a costly process. Minimize the costs by doing it yourself. Also, learn to use what you have when painting. Many people go to the paint shop to buy items that they already have at their disposal. Always redecorate your kitchen by giving it a facelift quite regularly.

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