How to Make Distilled Water: The Ultimate Guide

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Knowing how to make distilled water is not a difficult thing. The moment you eliminate the chemicals and minerals from your water you get distilled water. According to “All About Water Filters” (AAWF), an organization committed to enhancing water quality, using distilled water over bottled ones collapses cost of about $1400 annually. Distilled water is made for several purposes – drinking, wetting crops, steaming irons, filling humidifiers, etc. This article enlightens you on some of the ways you can distill your water.

Condense Tap Water with a Glass Container

✅ Get an eighteen liter stainless pot almost half-full with water from the tap. You can then put a glass container in the water.

✅ Ensure the container floats but does not make contact with the pot’s bottom.

✅ Then, place the bowl again in the water. Keep an eye on the boiling water and make sure the water becomes hot but not boiling. Once it begins to boil you may then lower the stove’s heat.

✅ Opt to design a condensation result with some hot or cold barrier. This you can do by simply inverting the lid of the pot and stocking it with ice. The moment some hot steam gets around the cold lid, it would bring about condensation.

✅ Boil the water in the pot. While the water boils on, it would bring about steam to come up and condense on the lid of the pot. The condensation then drips into the container. Then, you may continue with the process till there is sufficient distilled water.

✅ Take away your pot from the steam and remove the lid.

✅ Then, you may carry out the container of distilled water out of the pot with the boiling water. Here, you need to take cautions to avoid any burns. Preferably, you may allow the water to get cool prior to carrying it away from the container.

✅ Finally, before storing the water ensure it cools.

Purify Water from the tap with Glass Bottle

Purify Water

✅ First, make sure you secure two bottles made of glass for making ready distilled waters. This distillation process would now prove more effective if one of the bottles has from the neck an outer curve.

✅ Fill either of the bottle with tap water. You may choose to put a stop to the filling once from the lid it hits about five inches. Do join the two bottles together from the neck and get them together firmly with a duct tape.

✅ Make use of an eighteen liter stainless steel pot of boiling water to distill the water. You should just have sufficient water to come over the bottle having tap water.

✅ Ensure to adjust the bottles to nearly a 300 leaning from the top and get an empty bottle on the interior of the rim of the pot. The angle actually causes it to be more convenient to get together the evaporated distilled water.

✅ Ensure you get an ice box or a sack of ice on the lid of the bottle at the top. This brings about a hot or cold barrier making the water to be evaporated in the filled container to condense into the cooler bottle.

✅ Ensure you repeat the process till you get sufficient distilled water in your bottle.

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From Rainwater to portable water

✅ Get a big, hygienic bowl outside to get enough rainwater.

✅ Leave the bowl outside for about two complete days to ensure the minerals dissolve.

✅ You can then get clean and sized jugs into which you are going to put the distilled water.

✅ Take note that while this means of water distillation can get you portable water the chances of eliminating pollutants and dangerous bacteria are slim.

✅ Advisedly therefore, it is more hygienic if you can filter, boil or chemically examine the rainwater prior to drinking.


These are some of the tested and trusted ways we have looked into to safely distill your water. There may be other innovations as to how to make distilled water. In all, ensure you follow basic rules of hygiene and you would end up with a clean, distilled water..

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