How to Grind Meat Safely

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Well! For all those foodies who are rather indulged in cooking meat dishes at home, here is a piece of good news! Yes, you need to know about the various methods of grinding meat.

Now you must be wondering that it is so easy with the latest appliances but what if you do not have a grinder or food processor or blender.

Yes, now this is a million-dollar question as to what to do in such a situation. Well! Do not fret! Keep reading, and you will get all the required details.



Yes! It is a fact that grinding your burger meat at home is extremely simple and can take your favorite foods to the next level.

You will find here interesting and valuable tips So that you may cook your favorite recipes of burger patties and other food items and enjoy the delicious meals with your loved ones.

So, it is important to tell you that grinding your meat is not any rocket science; it only needs a knife, cutting board, ice cubes, two making bowls, a meat grinder, a time, and an enthusiastic cooking skill set.

If you wonder why you fail to develop the same incredibly juicy flavor in the burgers as served at your fast food restaurant, you are missing something. Yes, it is a secret ingredient; perfectly ground meat.

Well, even if you add all the other ingredients in the required proportions, you will not get the perfect taste until you grind the meat properly. Let us walk you through the entire process so that you get it right the next time:

Your grinder should be cold.

All of your grinder attachments, like the tube, plate, shaft, and a screw, should be completely cold. Yes, make sure that you keep them in the refrigerator for at least an hour. When I decide to do this, I usually put my grinder in the freezer overnight.

Meat should be cold.

Spread an inch thick meat pieces on a baking sheet and place them in the freezer until they freeze and are firm enough.

The bowl should be cold.

Now fill the mixing bowl with ice and cold water and place another bowl in it. So that underneath attachments can catch the meat as it comes out from grinder. The meat cubes should be ground twice first with the coarser disk and then to finer disk.



If you have your food grinder, a processor, or a sharp chef’s blade, you can grind or chop chicken at home. The boneless chicken breasts can be used for the finest blend.

For ground chicken, you may follow the required steps so that you can enjoy your favorite meal within the comfort of your home.

Quantity of chicken to be ground.

Well, it depends on your requirement as to how much quantity of chicken you want to grind. Generally speaking, about four ounces of uncooked chicken is enough for one person. So, you may decide accordingly.

Cutting of chicken into pieces.

Now cut the boneless chicken into pieces and chunks, ideally one inch in thickness. Place the single layer of chicken pieces on the paper parchment-lined or a wax baking sheet. Now, let it rest in the freezer for about half an hour.

Assembling of the meat grinder.

Now you should prepare the meat grinder and fit in with the metal blade. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s manual, which comes with the grinder.

Chicken ready for grinding.

In the working bowl, put the half-frozen chicken pieces and switch on the grinder at the pulse. Grind the meat till it becomes smooth, now switch off the grinder.

Now wrap the meat in waxed freezer paper and seal in the airtight containers. You should note the grinding date on the boxes by writing on them.

There is another option too for grinding the chicken, that is a manual process. You can do it very quickly with the sharp chef’s knife and can chop the chicken, or you can also use a manual meat grinder.


If you think that you can not grind meat without a grinder, let me tell you that it is possible. Yeas, here is how! Well, you may have your reasons to do it manually, but I prefer to use my hands. So you should follow the following procedure to grind the chicken without a grinder.

Step. 1

First of all, cut the pieces of meat at an angle of 45 degrees with a sharp knife. Make sure that you slice the meat pieces with an inch of thickness. Also, you should not cut till the bottom of the pieces.

Step. 2

Repeat step one by flipping over the piece of meat in the opposite direction.

Step. 3

Now cut the slices of meat at a 90-degree angle at this point, by flipping the pieces of meat. Keep a gap of 1.4 inches between each piece. Repeat step 3 by flipping over the meat.

Step. 4

Now use the part of the knife and a chopper closer to the handle. Now you will gather the meat pieces and quickly cut it from left to right and right to left.

Here you have completed the final step, and you have the pieces of meat coarsely ground. But if you want it more refined, you can repeat the last step many times you want to do so; it takes hardly another couple of minutes.



The professionals, as well as the beginners, tend to use a food processor yo grind the meat. By doing this, you have got the total control of the quality and freshness over the kinds of meat cutting.

Doesn’t it seem to be a winning situation? It surely is. Here are the steps you may follow for grinding meat in a food processor.

Step. 1

To make the process of grinding very easy, cut the meat pieces into 1-inch cubes with the help of a knife.

Step. 2

For convenience, freeze the meat pieces in layers so that their edges and corners are stiff enough, but they should be tender from the middle.

Step. 3

Now freeze the blades of processor and fill your food processor in half level so that grinding process becomes more manageable, especially if you are working in batches. Make sure that the meat should not be over-processed; it should not be like a paste but finely chopped.

When you have completed the process of grinding in a food processor, you should clean it with all means as you do with the other tools in the kitchen.

You should clean it in a way that the leftovers of meat could not be stuck in the blades of the processor. An easy way to clean the processor is that you should put the bowl of the processor and the blades under running water.

Now you can also wash the processor bowl and the blade in the dishwasher. You should be very careful while cleaning the processors because they are the once in a lifetime investment you made for your kitchen.

Another option of cleaning is also available, and that is to wipe your food processor with disinfecting cleaner.



It often happens that you don’t have a meat processor or a chopper for your meat grinding, but there is another option available that is you can do it with your blender too. An important thing regarding this option is, the more powerful your blender is, the better will the result.

If you want to grind the raw meat in the blender, it should be as cold as possible because it is necessary to discourage bacterial growth in it.

It is the proven research by the USDA Food Safety that bacteria will stay in the meat when a blender or a food processor processes it.

You should use a knife to remove bones, skin, fat, and the connective tissue from the meat. So you should follow these steps if you want to grind the meat in a blender.


For your convenience, cut all the pieces of meat equally, of about an inch so that it will be easy to break them down. Make sure that you maintain the temperature of meat less than 40 degrees during the process. You can keep your bowl of ice in the freezer for this purpose.


Now you should cut the pieces of meat in small size put on the wax paper and keep them with the blender blade into the freezer.


Your next step would be putting small amounts of meat pieces in your blender. Do not forget to cover with the lid. Press the chop setting and run the blender for 20 to 30 seconds until your desired consistency is achieved.


Continue this process by running the blender for short intervals of time for smooth consistency of meat. This was the last step, and you have completed the task.


So we conclude that for making your hamburgers or meat patties, the meat must be of an even and smooth look. This is only possible if you grind your meat what so ever the type is.

Whether it is beef or chicken, you should do in your electric grinders, food processors, or the food blenders of reliable brands.

Although they are comparatively expensive, they last longer too. These electric appliances are the essentials of our kitchen for better convenience and to save your precious time.

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