How to Get Rid of Cooking Smells in Small Apartment

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Need to get rid of cooking smells in your apartment?

You’ve come to the right place!

Kitchen smells are wonderful when you’re actually cooking something, but not so much when they linger throughout the day in your kitchen.

The first thing you need to do to get rid of the pungent after-smell is to open all your windows.

Then, you can use any of the 8 proven methods described in this guide to rid your apartment of those nasty kitchen smells.

If these tips don’t do the trick, then we suggest buying an air purifier designed to remove oders.

What’s In This Guide

This guide describes the easiest proven ways to get rid of cooking smells in your apartment.

We also explain the importance of having a fresh-smelling kitchen and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how to get rid of cooking smells in a small apartment.

If after reading this guide you still have a question, feel free to leave us a comment below!

Why Get Rid of Cooking Smells?   

eliminate kitchen odors

Unless your apartment has restaurant-quality ventilation, it’s highly likely that your home always smells like food. While these smells are enticing before your evening meal, they can become a problem if they linger even after you’ve had your dinner.

Getting rid of these cooking smells can help ensure a clean and fresh-smelling apartment, which can positively affect your mood.

Option 1: Make a vinegar steam

eliminate kitchen odors

If you’re cooking a particularly pungent dish, you can use water and vinegar steam to combat the smell. Just mix one cup of water with half a cup of vinegar and let it simmer on the stove to cut down on any lingering odors.

Using a stove vent with the vinegar steam will produce even better and more effective results.  

Option 2: Boil fragrant items with water

eliminate kitchen cooking odors

If you don’t want to use vinegar, you can add ingredients that release a more pleasant fragrance to a pot of water and boil them. Throw cloves, lemon peels, cinnamon sticks, and other aromatics into a pot of water and let it simmer on the stove.

Option 3: Use a plug-in air purifier

eliminate kitchen odors

If you don’t have room on your stove for additional pots, you can use a plug-in air purifier. It’s better to choose from small countertop models, as they’re relatively quiet and perfect for kitchens.

Along with deodorizing your kitchen, air purifiers also remove viruses, pet dander, mold, and bacteria from the air.

Option 4: Use baking soda

eliminate kitchen odors

Baking soda is excellent at absorbing smells from the air. In fact, putting baking soda in a refrigerator has become so common that there are now boxes specifically made for this purpose.

Baking soda is particularly effective with smells from acidic foods, like fish, tomatoes, and other vegetables. This is because the pH of baking soda neutralizes the acid in these kinds of foods, reducing their odors.

Putting a few tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl and placing it on the counter where you’re cooking is enough to do the trick!

Option 5: Use coffee grounds

get rid of kitchen odors

You can use coffee grounds in the same way as baking soda – just place shallow bowls of used coffee grounds around your apartment. They will absorb and eliminate all cooking smells from your apartment!

Option 6: Clean your kitchen trash can

Your kitchen trash can be the reason behind the lingering smells in your apartment, so it’s better to wash it frequently. Sprinkling some baking soda in the can once it’s dry can further prevent odors from staying in the trash can.

Option 7: Flush lemon down your garbage disposal

Dropping lemon into your garbage disposal with all other food scraps can decrease cooking smells near the kitchen area. The oil in the lemons also helps get rid of grease buildup in your garbage disposal.

Option 8: Use potatoes

eliminate kitchen odors

Potatoes are excellent at absorbing odors. You can easily get rid of cooking smells by sprinkling a bit of salt over a few halved potatoes and placing them on a dish in your kitchen.

Frequently-Asked Questions About Getting Rid of Cooking Smells

What is the best method for absorbing odors?

Baking soda is incredibly effective at absorbing cooking smells and odors from both the air and solid surfaces. You can sprinkle it in your trashcan or any other surface to eliminate odors. Leave the baking soda for an hour and then wipe it off.

Can I use coffee to eliminate odors?   

Yes, you can use coffee to eliminate odors. Along with giving off a delicious aroma, coffee absorbs other smells in the air as well. It contains nitrogen, which safely and quickly neutralizes odors present in the air. It is also an excellent alternative to baking soda.  

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