How to Fix Leaking Kitchen Faucet

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Leaking kitchen faucet can lead you to many costs. You may not easily think that it is costly, but in the long run, you will realize so. Leaking water enhances water bills and at the same time making your kitchen untidy. The moist environment created by dropping water is good for bacteria to grow. Be at the control of your water by ensuring that no leakages or wastages are incurred. This article is going through some very important tips on how to repair a leaking kitchen faucet. Read on and find out more.

How to do the fixing

Switch off the water from the source

The first place to do the switching off is from the faucet itself. This is before getting the required materials to do the fixing. After that, go to the main switch and shut off the water source. When the valve is off, open the faucet to drain any water present in the faucet. Below the sink are pipes that run-up. They are fitted with handles that can be used to shut off the taps. To do the actual switching off, twist the handle clockwise. Be careful not to tighten till you break it.

Disconnect the drain pipe

Ensure that you do place a bucket below the drainpipe to collect any dripping water. In the alternative, you can also place a rag below your sink. This is to absorb off any water just in case it happens to drop off from the drain pipe. Water from this pipe may not be so clean hence the reason to let it drop to a bucket.

Get the correct description of the replacement

There are a lot of faucets. All of them do not fit each other. It is therefore very important to get the one that matches your existing one. However, with the modernization of technology, also all faucets now fit each other. Ensure that you get one from your local store when the sellers are still present. Failure to which you will be forced to stay with your dripping faucet for long, overnight.

Get the materials for use in replacement too. These include things such as a screwdriver, bolts, etc.

Plan for the actual replacement

You can do it yourself or even with the help of an experienced plumber. Using the screwdriver, remove all the screws and take off the handle. If need be, take off the decorative cap as well. Down the handle is a nut that has to be taken off too. This is done by the use of a wrench. Look for the seat washer which is usually below the nut. Seat washer is normally made of rubber. It usually wears off when turning on and off the faucet. If your faucet is dripping, then this is the first thing to look. When this washer is damaged due to wearing out, it won’t be able to hold water anymore. Remove the seat washer and take it to your local store and find a similar replacement.

Replace the seat washer

Once you have the new washer with you, then it is time to replace it. Since you had used the old seat washer to get the new one, you will need to keep the old one. It will be useful in the next replacement.

Do the replacement by putting the new seat washer where the old one was. Put it in the correct place so that you do not damage it when fixing back the faucet. If you put it in the wrong position, you may even end up breaking the faucet itself.

Reassemble your faucet

After finishing the replacement, reassemble your faucet. Put back everything to its place. If you are not sure of something, consult your plumber. Do not miss a step in this very important section.

Test-run your faucet

Switch on the valves from down the sink and from the mains supply. Run water through your changed faucet. Check to see if it is dropping water. If it is not dropping then you have done a commendable job. If it is dropping, then you have to repeat the process.

To keep your faucet without dropping, always check on the wearable parts. Keep spares in your house. This helps in replacement in the times of emergency. You can always call on your plumber when you do not know replacements. Remember to always replace parts with its similar part for better results.

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