How to Cook Brown Rice in Rice Cooker

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How to cook brown rice in rice cooker? A rice cooker is a dedicated appliance that helps you in cooking your rice easily and quickly. It makes cooking an interesting this to do. This cooker saves you the traditional tiresome ways of preparing rice for cooking. All that you have to do is to add rice and some little water into the cooker. Then let your cooker handle the rest. The most important thing to note however is you should understand the ratio properly. Be exact. If ratios do not match, you may end up having poorly cooked rice. The water should of higher ratio than the rice itself.

Method of preparation

Get all your ingredients ready

These include:

  1. Rice (desired amount)
  2. Water (desired amount)
  3. Salt
  4. Oil if necessary.

Wash your rice thoroughly before cooking.

Take the desired amount of rice that you want to cook

It is much easier to measure in cups or even in glasses. The number of people to eat the rice will determine the quantity which you will cook. If for example, the meal is for two people, then one to two cups of rice will be enough. Just cook what you can eat and finish, as any leftovers won’t taste well, and won’t reheat well again.

Place your rice in a rice mesh and rinse with cold water

If you do not have a mesh, a sieve will also work well for you. Run the cold water through the rice. This will help wash away the germs and the starch that hinders the rice grains from becoming sticky when cooking. Once the water runs clear, then your rice is now clean. Shake your sieve carefully and vigorously till all the water in the rice grains before cooking.

Place your rice in the cooker

Once your rice is clean and dry, then it is time to introduce it into the cooker. Place it in the bottom of the cooker and spread it evenly. This will help it cook evenly. Do not put too much rice in the cooker as it may have difficulty in cooking. If you have a large number of guests, you better cook in batches.

Introduce the correct amount of water

Since you are cooking in ratios (water to rice), add the correct amount of water to allow it to cook properly. If for example, you are cooking one cup of rice, let the water be one and a half times more. This is so because brown rice is tougher than the normal white rice, hence needs more time to cook. Brown rice takes a long time to absorb water because of its natural fibrous layer. This then justifies why more water is needed. In other instances, you may decide to soak your rice for about half an hour before cooking. This makes the work easy. You can comfortably use one cup of water for every one cup of rice.

Turn on the cooker

Plug in the cooker to the power source. Press the “cook” button and wait for your rice to be ready. Since it is automated, it will handle everything by itself. It is always advisable to consult your manual before using any machinery. Different models have different settings. Always be sure before turning your cooker on.

Let the rice cook till it is ready

When ready, allow it some little time to absorb all the water and steam. This will, in turn, allow it to cool off to edible temperatures. Do not uncover the rice as it rests. Keep the lid on.

Stir the rice before serving

Stir before serving. Do it from the edges. Use a wooden spoon or a spatula. Break any large lump of rice that remains when the rice is ready. Do not use metal utensils to stir or scoop the rice. It may scratch your cooker, leaving it with permanent marks on the inside.

Clean your cooker

After all, is done, ensure that you clean your rice cooker in preparation for the next assignment.


Cooking rice should be fun and interesting. Old fashion ways of cooking rice are tiresome and uninteresting. Invest in a rice cooker and you will enjoy all the cooking. At all times, follow the recommended instructions. Observe care when handling your cooking and when cooking. Always go through the manual of your cooker when in doubt, and before using the cooker.

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