How to Clean Carbon Steel Pan

Cleaning a carbon steel pan is not a complicated process. There is no much difference in washing other utensils. However, you will need to exercise a lot of caution because the water and soap may remove the seasoning from the pan. Made of the iron skillet, and also stainless steel has the characteristic of heat retention. Particles and other materials also do not stick to it. It is equipped with heat speed and cooking control. It is lighter in weight and tends to get dirty so fast.

With all the above properties, this pan may be destroyed easily by water and soap. So how do you prevent that from happening given that it must be washed? Read on to find out.


Always be gentle when washing this type of pan. It is delicate.

When you are done with cooking your pan, take a paper towel or a dishtowel and wipe it gently. Wipe it clean. This will help you remove all the food that remains in the pan. It also absorbs any unused excess oil and fats in the pan.

If some food has stuck to your pan, you will need some little amount of water to loosen it. Then scrub gently. Be careful not to remove the seasoning. You should never use water or soaking bath. Avoid using soap completely. Use a soft-bristle brush or a sponge, with a little amount of water to scrub the surface gently. Do not use a lot of water as it is not friendly to carbon steel.

When you are washing the pan, do not leave it with water or moisture. It will get spoilt easily. You should take a dry towel and wipe off all dampness completely. Do not store it when wet or moist. If you cannot wipe the dampness away, put it over the stove with little heat. This helps in ridding off any moisture that remains in your pan.

Is it safe to story carbon steel pan with other pans?

One of the conditions of storing your carbon steel pan is that it should be free from water and moisture. It should not be exposed to moisture and water. If your other pans are free from the same elements, then you can store all of them in one place. The place should also be dry, free from falling water and moisture.

When putting them to the storage, however, place them carefully. Do not put them in such a way that they scratch each other’s surfaces. Maintain the beautiful looks of your utensils by handling them carefully.

Which is the best moment to clean your pan?

Once you remove the pan, do not let it cool down so much. Wash with when warm. When you let it cool, water will tamper with its seasoning. Wash it when still warm, and in the case that it has cooled off, you will need some warm water. Take warm water and dip it inside, avoid scratching with the hard surface, but rather a soft towel.

You should steer off the soap and harsh chemicals when doing the cleaning. These two aren’t friendly to this type of pan.

Is it advisable to use scouring pads when washing the carbon steel pan?

Carbon steel pans are a bit delicate kind of utensils. It is not advisable to use the scouring pads as it will deface the seasoning in your pans. Rather, use a soft towel to clean your pan, after which you place it in a dry place.

Why should I oil my pan?

Oil helps in keeping your pan fresh and new all the time. It prevents seasoning from being removed. Water also slides off oily surfaces without causing any harm to the pan. Always spread a thin layer of oil on the interior and exterior of the pan.


The procedures provided in this article should be adhered to. This kind of pan needs extra care as compared to other pans. Failure to follow these steps could lead you to lose your carbon steel pan. These pans are usually costly and do not last long when not well taken care of.

Keep as many soft towels as possible. These are for washing and wiping dry your pans. Keep on oiling your pan too for a fresh look, always.

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