Cleanblend 3hp 1800-Watt Commercial Blender Review

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The Cleanblend 1800w blender is the perfect appliance for those looking for a blender on a budget, as it offers Vitamix-quality features without the hefty price tag!

It has 1800 watts of power and produces silkier smoothies than most other products, with price tags of twice its cost.

For an idea of how powerful this product is, check out what happened when they put an iPhone in there–it was pulverized!

With this blender, you can make anything from smoothies to milkshakes to margaritas and more. The machine is powerful enough even for pulverizing ice cubes.

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NOTE: If you are looking for a dedicated margarita machine instead, we recommend buying a Margaritaville machine.

All-in-One Blender

cleanblend 3hp 1800 watt commercial blender

The Cleandblend blender is an all-inclusive appliance that blends and grates almost anything.

With the 1800 watt motor, you can blend or grind nuts to make a protein shake for breakfast, work your way through veggies for lunchtime soup before switching gears in the afternoon with homemade ice cream from frozen fruit.

This one small device does it all–a definite must-have on any kitchen countertop.

Are you looking for a great kitchen appliance that can make soup, sauces, and pancakes? The Cleanblend blender is perfect for this, too.

You’ll be able to get the batter ready in no time.

In short, the Cleanblend costs less than brands like Vitamix or Blendtec but performs equally well with similar functionality – which makes it even more attractive to purchase one today.

8-Blade System with Variable Speed Control + Pulse

cleanblend 3hp 1800 watt commercial blender

The Cleanblend blender uses eight stainless steel blades to blend and pulverize whatever you put into it. You don’t need to remove the blades for cleaning, unlike some other blenders- just add dish soap and water for 30 seconds of blending!

The dial controls on the base allow users many different speeds, so they don’t feel stuck in one position while blending their food or drink of choice!

With the pulse button on the blender, you can customize your smoothie or soup to match just how thick and creamy you like it.

The tampered wand is also super handy when blending things that typically need a little more time than other ingredients to blend well, such as kale, into an even smoother consistency.

Durable Design

cleanblend 3hp 1800 watt commercial blender

The stainless-steel blends can handle just about anything without warping or bending. They’ll provide great service for years, and the jar matters a lot too–especially when it comes to blending ice, nuts, etc.

The original Cleanblend blender used an expensive thin plastic jar that cracked after months of use, but now they upgraded to a much more durable Tritan plastic container in 2017.

It can handle everything from ice cream mixers with no cracking at all!

The motor is also designed to withstand years of heavy use with burning out.

The Cleanblend blender is made to last for years. For even more peace of mind, the manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on all their blenders.

If you want an extended 10-year warranty from them, though, be ready to pay $75!

Several customers have noted that they do honor warranties if anything goes wrong with your machine after only months or so – and replace it right away without any questions asked at no extra cost (great customer service).

64 OZ. Container

The Tritan plastic jar not only holds enough smoothies for the entire family but is taller than standard blender jars, so it will fit perfectly in most kitchens.

To ensure it will fit on your kitchen counter, check that you have more than 19 inches of clearance under your cabinet, or preferably 22 to give yourself room to operate the blender without any hassle!

Relatively Quiet

The Cleanblend blender provides a powerful and smooth blending experience while being surprisingly quiet.

You can still carry on a conversation, albeit at louder than usual volumes, when blending something. It also won’t wake up your neighbors next door!

Verified Customer Reviews

The Cleanblend blender is currently the most reviewed smoothie maker on, boasting a very high rating from over 600 customer reviews.

Most verified owner ratings are overwhelmingly positive for this affordable alternative to Vitamix or Ninja blenders with comparable functionality.

There are a few bad experiences reported, mostly related to a single bad batch of products.

Cleanblend’s customer service is excellent, and the company replaced the broken units at no cost.

Most customers that buy this blender were looking for a cheaper but capable alternative to pricier Blendtec or Vitamix blenders – and they seem completely satisfied with what they got!


●     3HP peak power

●     64oz BPA-free Tritan Plastic Jar

●     Dimensions: 18 x 15 x 13 inches

●     Weight: 12lbs


If you don’t feel like splurging for a Vitamix, the Cleanblend 1800 watt blender is the next best alternative.

It delivers the same powerful and versatile functionality – at roughly half the price, talk about the perfect deal!

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