What is The Best Way to Store Knives

There are very many ways of storing after use, or when not in use. Proper storage is a prerequisite of safety and tidiness. To find out the methods of storage, read through the article.

There are four ways of storing knives. However, there could exist many other ways of doing storage. The four methods are:

  • The magnetic wall strip
  • Block or a dock
  • Magnabode
  • Woodsom

Magnetic wall strip

This is a very convenient and safe way to keep your knives. It enables you to store your knives without coming in to contact with the sharp cutting edge. This storage type prevents the sharp side from damages. Apart from the above advantages, it provides you with a beautiful way to store your knives. This is because when you peep at the strip, you will be able to all your blades at once. It saves you the struggle of pulling out every knife when looking for a specific one.

When buying a strip, ensure that you invest in one that is strong enough. A loose one may not be able to hold the blades strongly. It will allow blades to slip and may be harmful. The magnet should be too strong to grab the knives when putting them into. It may cause some little damages to your knives’ edge. This can lead to bluntness.

The magnetic strip can handle as many knives as you have them. It is then the most economical way of saving space in the kitchen. This storage device can be mounted anywhere in the house. It can stand anywhere such as the wall or on the fridge. They are made of various materials. Others are stainless steel made, wood or even quartz. Some even have multiple storage options by being able to combine utensil bars and hooks.

Block or a dock

The block can be small wooden furniture with several holes to accommodate many knives. It can be placed anywhere where you are comfortable to work from. Such a place can be the counter, kitchen table or even near the sink. Quick access to your blades is the key.

There are varieties of the blocks. Some come with a set of knives placed, while others do not. The one with the knives costs more when purchasing. The dock is safe to use as all the sharp edges of the knives are pushed into the block. The chance to cause harm is minimal.

Though beautiful in presentation, the challenge comes in when cleaning this item. It can be difficult to get the knives through the slot. The slots can easily accumulate dust and mold. Putting it through the water can destroy the block. Wood can be rough on the cutting edge too. When sliding the knife through the slot, the contact with the wood can easily make the blade blunt. This then means that you will have to do frequent sharpening.


This is a magnetic strip made of high-grade stainless steel. It holds the heaviest kitchen knives and tools such as the butcher’s cleaver. It is equipped with super-magnets to provide a magnetic field continuously. This magnetism is available from the end to the end, making the entire stretch available for use. It holds the blades securely in place. However, when you pull them, it comes off so fast.

This Magnabode is resistant to dust, rust, stain, and corrosion. It maintains its good looks for many years. It is easy to install in your kitchen. Magnabode doesn’t take in dirt so fast. It provides no ground for molds and other substances to breed. Very efficient.


Made of a wooden magnetic bar, it helps to protect your knives from damage and bluntness. This storage device keeps your knives sharp all the time. It can hold all blades in place securely. Woodsom holds all the varieties of knives comfortably, from small knives to cleavers.

It is easy to install. It can be placed anywhere in the kitchen especially on the walls.

There are several ways of keeping your knives. You should be able to choose from any of the designs. The most important thing is to go through the merits and demerits of each one of them. Settle for the one that suits your needs and desire.

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