The Best Way to Slice a Tomato & Not Lose a Finger

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Potato slicing is one of the daunting tasks that many people do not have an idea of how it is done. Categories of people do slicing differently. Some people just wash it, place it on the cutting board and start slicing it to pieces. Others dip it in hot water to remove the skin before slicing it. Others just love crating it. There is no standard way of doing the slicing, but there are better ways to do it than others. Read through this article to find out which is the best way of slicing your tomato.

Methods of slicing

There are two things you can use to slice a tomato, namely:

  • By use of a knife.
  • By use of a tomato slicer.

Recommended steps by the use of a knife

  • Thoroughly wash your tomato using clean water. Hygiene is the most important thing to observe. After washing, place it on a cutting board. Ensure that you place the stem part facing upwards when the tomato is on the cutting board. This is meant to ensure that coring becomes easier. Have a sharp knife for this purpose.
  • There are categories of tomatoes. There are those which are large and some are small. For the large ones, ensure that you remove the core before slicing. The core is the top spot of your tomato where it was initially attached to the tomato tree. For small tomatoes, you don’t need to remove the core. Once done with removing, place your thumb just below the knife’s edge. With your second hand, hold the tomato from its base. Make your hand stable against the cutting board. Be careful not to harm yourself when cutting the tomato. Bring your knife to the tomato and start chopping into small pieces. Repeat the process until you are done.
  • Since you removed the core and it is now flat, you can place it upside down of the cutting board. It is more stable to slice it that way.
  • For easier slicing, you will need to cut it into two halves, from the top, through the center to the bottom. Use a sharp knife to achieve this. If you need to have whole round slices, then you will not need to do this step. Just start slicing just the way you removed the core.
  • Once cut into two halves, take each half at a time. Place it on the cutting board, with the cut side touching the board.
  • Carefully slice your tomato using the sharp knife. Care must be taken to avoid cutting oneself. Cut through the first half into small pieces. Once done, repeat the same for the second half. At all times, curl your hand to ensure that the tomato is stable in its position. Since you are using a very sharp knife, always exercise caution.

By use of a tomato slicer

Slicer saves you time by slicing your tomato all at once. The steps to be followed are:

  • Clean your tomato and place in on the cutting board. Hold it firm using the hand that you will not use to slice.
  • Like a see-saw, move the slicer through the tomato. Once you reach halfway, stop and take your hand away below the slicer. Do not harm yourself. Hold the top of the already sliced tomato. Keep sewing till you reach down
  • Once the slicer has touched the cutting board, you are already done with slicing. This method is much easier and faster than when using a knife. It is also safer for your hands.


Slicing a tomato should be a very easy task. The way of slicing it and the tools used are not only limited to the knife and the slicer. There are more tools to use. Some examples include mandolin machine, apple slicer and egg slicer amongst many other tools.

It is also important to note that slicing an overripe potato can be a real challenge. It won’t be stable on the cutting board. At the same time, it won’t provide a good grip on your knife or the slicer. It may also be unhygienic to consume this kind of tomato. Always get the fresh market produce or farm tomato. Enjoy your slicing!

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