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One of the common causes of serious diseases is bacteria. This can be prevented if you wash your hands properly. The key to healthy living is proper sanitation. Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly to avoid and prevent some of the communicable diseases to spread. And how you can do this? By having the best kitchen soap dispenser to contain your cleaning material.

It is important that you have maintained hygiene without leaving your kitchen sink messy. To help you with the selection process here are 11 best soap dispenser for kitchen, you can consider buying.

Top 6 Best Kitchen Soap Dispenser Comparison in 2022

Our Best Pick

Soap Dispenser for Kitchen Sink (Brushed Nickel), Stainless...

Our Best Pick Counter Top Soap Dispenser
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Color: Brushed Nickel
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: 2-years
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Best Value

No products found.

Best Value No products found.
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Color: Brushed Nickel
  • Capacity: 13 ounces
  • Warranty: 1-year
No products found.
Best Priced

Delta Faucet Pilar Kitchen Soap Dispenser for Kitchen Sinks,...

Best Priced Delta Faucet Soap Dispenser
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Color: Chrome
  • Material: Non Metallic.
  • Warranty: lifetime
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Most Popular

Ultimate Kitchen Built-in Soap Dispenser for Kitchen or Bathroom:...

Most Popular Sink Soap Dispenser
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Color: Basic pack
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: 5-years
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Best Refillable

Moen Chrome Deck Mounted Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Above the...

Best Refillable Moen Soap Dispenser
  • Weight: 1.15 lbs
  • Color: Chrome
  • Capacity: 18-ounces
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
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Best For Money

GICASA Brass Kitchen Soap Dispenser, Oil Rubbed Bronze in Sink...

Best For Money GICASA Brass Soap Dispenser
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Color: Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Material: brass
  • Warranty: None
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11 Best Kitchen Soap Dispenser Reviews

1. KOHLER K-1894-C-SN Soap or Lotion Dispenser

KOHLER K-1894-C-SN Soap or Lotion Dispenser, Polished NickelCheck Best Price on Amazon

Kohler is one of the oldest companies in the United States that deals with the production of soap or water dispenses.

In the year 1873, its founder, Michael Kohler, came up with the idea to produce a multipurpose tool for use in handwashing that could handle both water and soap.

The Features Summary.

It is easy to refill it because you can do the same above the counter.

When it runs out of soap or lotion, open the compartment and add some to its storage section.

You can always monitor the level of the contents because it has an indicator that displays the same.

It has a large storage bottle that can hold up to sixteen ounces of either liquid soap or lotion. The quantity is sufficient for use over some time!

It is easy to clean the dispenser with soap and water. You will need to use a soft cloth to remove the dirt from the surface so that you do not leave scratches on its surface. Aside from that, it has fluid lines that ease the process of cleaning.

It is easy to install, and you can do the same on pre-drilled sinkholes or even on other surfaces.

Why this product?

Enjoy the use of this multipurpose product in your home that brings both style and elegances to your surroundings.

What we most liked

  • It is easy to refill, use, and clean.
  • The storage tank can hold a lot of fluid for long term use.

What we didn’t liked

  • You can use it for one product at a time, either for soap or lotion!

2. Ultimate Kitchen – Stainless Steel Sink Soap Dispenser

Ultimate Kitchen Built-in Soap Dispenser for Kitchen or Bathroom:...Check Best Price Now

One of the popular brands when it comes to soap dispenser is Ultimate Kitchen. They provide quality, innovative and the latest products. This kitchen soap dispenser is made of stainless steel which makes it very durable. Also, it has a 3-inch nozzle that reaches over the kitchen sink.

You are guaranteed to have the best product with the company’s five-year replacement warranty. If anything goes wrong, they will replace it with a new soap dispenser no questions asked.

With its patented excellent design it will surely get the attention of your visitors. To make sure you will not run out of soap during a special occasion on your house, Ultimate Kitchen has made a dispenser with a large capacity up to 17 oz. Also, refilling is easy. You can refill the soap bottle from the top. No need to crawl under the sink.

Installing it is also not a problem. Just follow the instruction provided on the video. You can watch the video on the company’s website. If you want a no refill soap dispenser, you can purchase the Ultimate Kitchen Extension Tube Kit. This one replaces the bottle with a direct line from the pump head directly to the bulk soap container under your sink.

3. Delta Faucet RP1001 Chrome Soap/Lotion Dispenser

Delta Faucet RP1001 Soap/Lotion Dispenser with 13oz bottle with...Check Best Price Now

If it is from Delta it must be good. The Delta Faucet RP1001 Soap Dispenser is one of the kitchen soap dispensers in the market today. It has an attractive chrome finish that makes the washing of hand a very enjoyable one.

The product has undergone thorough quality control inspection to ensure only the best dispenser will be out in the market. It is hand inspected to handle the toughest task easily. The dispenser can hold enough amount of soap or lotion up to 13 oz.

To make sure you will enjoy all the convenience in using Delta Faucet RP1001 soap dispenser it features a refill funnel. With its solid brass construction, you are assured that only quality and reliable dispenser will be provided. The item was backed by a lifetime finish and faucet warranty.

It uses a pushing system that lets you wash everything easily. The sensible style of Delta Faucet RP1001 soap dispenser as it complements any home. You can refill from above the deck. Included is a refill funnel to make it easy to pour the soap. Installing is easy, all the needed mounting hardware is included in the package. This dispenser enhances not only the sink but your entire kitchen as well.

4. Premier 552029 Soap Dispenser

No products found.No products found.

This soap dispenser is not as flashy as compared to others, it is a durable and reliable dispenser for daily use. This brand presents a plain, functional soap dispenser without affecting the design or the different attachment. It is available in three finishes such as brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and chrome.

One thing that makes this product excel from the rest is its functionality. Premier 552029 is the kind of soap dispenser that will not give you trouble once installed, even during a high-demand household with lots of kids.

It provides a self-priming pump that all the members of your family will surely appreciate. The pump head is situated at the center and can swivel around. It is very durable because the finish is made with PVD to make sure it will last longer.

The container has 13-ounce capacity so you don’t have to refill it every now and then. Premier 552029 base will fit into the countertop holes perfectly. This dispenser might not be the coolest on the market, but it will surely last for years. Its durability and long lasting service which makes this product end up in our list. There are lots of soap dispenser out there but only the best were included in this list.

5. Delta Faucet RP50781 Gala Soap Dispenser

Delta Faucet Pilar Kitchen Soap Dispenser for Kitchen Sinks,...Check Best Price Now

One of the unique features of Delta Faucet RP50781 is the curved spout. Most of the soap dispensers have a straight and flat design. This brand has made something different by displaying a vertical arch.

This Delta Faucet soap dispenser is more fashionable as compared to other brands, and it will surely get positive reviews from your visitors who have used it before. On the other hand, since it only extends 3 inches, it could be difficult to fit bigger hands underneath it.

When it comes to convenience, the Delta Faucet RP50781 works perfectly as you expect it to work. It has a bigger reservoir, you can fill it up to 20 oz of soap at a time, and you can do the refilling from the top and the bottom.

The pump is easy to operate and can be swiveled in any direction you like. It is available in different finishes like arctic steel, champagne bronze and chrome. With regards to size, it measures 3.5 x 2.2 x 3.5 inches and weighs only 1.5 pounds.

This is a bit heavier as compared to the regular soap/lotion dispenser, its curved design adds a few weight on it. It does not affect the performance of the product. It can be mounted in any countertop that has 1-1/8 inches hole.

6. Kimi Cuisine Soap Dispenser for Kitchen Sink

Soap Dispenser for Kitchen Sink (Brushed Nickel), Stainless...Check Best Price Now

Kimi Cuisine Soap Dispenser is made of commercial grade 304 stainless steel in the outside and durable PE plastic in the inside. This soap dispenser is corrosion and rust free because of its shiny multi-layered brush nickel finish. Perfect for a soap dispenser pump replacement as well as for commercial soap dispenser.

This soap dispenser can be used in different ways. Pour a liquid soap on it and use it as a hand soap dispenser. You can also use it as a lotion dispenser. This is definitely a must-have kitchen sink accessories.

Kimi Cuisine stands by the quality of kitchen sink soap dispensers. The product is backed by 30-day refund guarantee and two years Replacement Warranty.

Installing is easy, simply follow the step by step instruction provided by the company. You can actually install it on any type of kitchen sink or countertop within minutes. It has large sink bottle counter and you can pour up to 17 oz of liquid soap. Refilling is easy, you can do it from the top, so it eliminates crawling under the sink.

To maintain the look of the dispenser you need to wipe it with a rag with warm soapy water. This will keep the brushed nickel soap dispenser finish shine and appears brand new again.

7. Moen 3942 Kitchen Soap and Lotion Dispenser

Moen Chrome Deck Mounted Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Above the...Check Best Price Now

The Moen 3942 Kitchen soap dispenser has a sleek and stylish design perfect for your countertop. It also provides top-notch performance. There are lots of things that you will surely love with Moen 3942. One is that you can use this dispenser not just for soap but for lotion as well. So whether you just want to wash your dishes or just pamper your skin, this product can serve you well.

Another impressive feature is the top-mounted pump. You don’t have to pump it in an awkward or difficult position, you just need to press the top of the dispenser using one finger to dole out the soap.

Refilling is also easy. Simply unscrew the top and then pour the soap into the reservoir. You don’t have to go underneath the sink and deal with foreign parts. This brand has high capacity, you can actually pour up to 18 oz of liquid soap.

This is quite an attractive product when it comes to style. You can choose from six different finishes, glacier, classic stainless, ivory, matte black, spot resistant stainless and chrome. The chrome finish will shine with a polished, mirror-like area. The matte black will serve as a dark contrast to a shining sink. Moen is definitely a brand you can consider.

8. Delta Faucet RP71543AR Cassidy Soap/Lotion Dispenser

DELTA FAUCET RP71543AR Delta Kitchen Faucets and Accessories,...Check Best Price Now

The Delta Faucet RP71543AR has a classical design which conforms to modern technology and needs. It passed through thorough tests to make sure that it meets consumer needs. This dispenser has a single-hole installation. This is designed exclusively for Delta faucets and with original specifications. This is perfect for modern countertop or kitchen sink.

This Delta Cassidy will complement most interiors, it blends easily with the kitchen decor. Made of high-quality material which makes it durable and sturdy. You can purchase it in different finishes that provide you the liberty to choose based on your kitchen or bathroom decor.

This soap dispenser features the latest H20 kinetic technology that makes it very functional. It is one of those soap dispensers that conforms with ADA, making it safe for use. The product’s flow rate is 2.0 GPM at 80 psi. It has a standard size bottle with a 13-ounce capacity. The bottle is refillable from above the deck. The company offers a lifetime warranty for its Delta Cassidy Soap Dispenser.

9. GICASA Brass Kitchen Countertop Soap Dispenser

GICASA Brass Kitchen Soap Dispenser, Oil Rubbed Bronze in Sink...Check Best Price Now

If you love brass, this could be the perfect dispenser for you. Gicasa Brass Kitchen Soap Dispenser is a good brand to consider if you have plans of replacing your old dispenser. Its pump head is made of brass metal, while the bottle is made of durable PE plastic.

Gicasa is an easy push dispenser, that is a self-priming pump that swivels at 360 degrees. It includes a 320 ml soap bottle that can be refilled from the top. This dispenser is not just for liquid soap, you can also use it as a lotion or liquid detergent soap dispenser. Gicasa oil rubbed bronze dispenser matches different types of premier faucet styles.

10. Moen 3942SRS Kitchen Soap and Lotion Dispenser

Moen Spot Resist Stainless Deck Mounted Kitchen Lotion or Soap...Check Best Price Now

This brand is very popular when it comes to soap and lotion dispenser. For those who are looking for the perfect dispenser for their kitchen sink or countertop, this is a good choice. Also, they offer their products at a reasonable price and one of them is the Moen 3942SRS Kitchen Soap Dispenser.

It has an eye-catching design and with great functionality. Moen 3942SRS is easy to control exactly the way you want it to work. The amount of soap it releases depends on how much push you put on the handle. Mounting this dispenser on your kitchen sink is also simple and easy.

Although it may cost a little bit higher than others, it is still a good investment since it is quite durable. Actually, this dispenser offers a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing and finishes problems. If you come to think of it, the price is not an issue if you think of how much money you can save in the long run.

The only problem with this product is that it does not work well using thicker liquid soaps. Since it applies the push system, you might have a hard time dispensing a thicker liquid on it.

11. Moen 3944SRS Soap/Lotion Dispenser

Moen Spot Resist Stainless Deck Mounted Kitchen Soap Dispenser...Check Best Price Now

The Moen 3944SRS is yet another impressive product from the said brand. It has an elegant style that will enhance your kitchen interior. If you love designing your house this is a good model for you. As compared to other dispensers, this model has a low profile and smaller footprint.

When it comes to quality, you are assured that you will be having one of the best because it is made of a popular brand. Most of the visible parts of the dispenser are made from solid metal which is quite durable. The internal parts including the reservoir are made from high-quality plastic. This gives you the assurance that the soap dispenser is durable and long-lasting.

You might find the top opening so small thus it may take you some time to complete the refilling process. It may be pricey to some but it is worth it. The product will last longer because it is very durable.

Installing Moen 3944SRS is easy. All you need to do is to cut an 11/8 inch hole in the sink deck and position the dispenser in the hole as directed in the manual. It is best to prime the dispenser with water first before pouring the liquid soap. Fill the reservoir with water around one-quarter full and then pump out all of the water before you pour in the soap.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Kitchen Soap Dispenser

Kitchen soap

People have their own preferences and desires when buying a kitchen soap dispenser. The best dispenser to others might be the worst for you. There are things that you need to remember when planning to buy a dispenser.


Soap dispensers come in different sizes. Some are flat others are small and they are designed primarily for hand-washing. Some dispensers are large, pointed or curved away from the wall to make squirting soap easy and direct into the pans and pots.


One of the important factors people consider before buying a soap dispenser is how easy it is to install. Some require drilling holes in your countertop and others just need a small hole to install it. In case your kitchen sink already has holes from the past soap dispenser, you just need to find the one that matches them.


Some buyers particularly those who are on a tight budget would normally check the price first before the features and qualities of the product. Keep in mind that not all expensive items are worth buying. Some have poor quality.

It is best to consider the price together with the product’s features so you can be sure that you are getting the best dispenser in the market. Before you start shopping, you should check on your budget first. Ask yourself, can you afford the chrome dispenser or you should settle on a very low price plastic.

Enter your text here…

The Advantages of Using a Kitchen Soap Dispenser


The best thing about built-in kitchen soap dispenser is that you don’t have to look for it each time you need to wash your hands. It is an immobile fixture installed in your kitchen sink. Also, there is no need for you to deal with a slippery, soapy plastic bottle, you get soap directly from a spout. There are some dispensers with unique features like having a swivel top which makes your life much simpler.

Also, you can use the dispenser not just for liquid soap but also for hand sanitizer and lotion. Thus, you can enjoy the convenience of using the dispenser regardless of what you put on it. The most important thing is that they help you maintain cleanliness and prevent the spreading of bacteria in your household.


As compared to plastic colored bottles, soap dispensers made of stainless, chrome or brass is more attractive. There are lots of choices available in the market. You can choose from bronze, brushed nickel, chrome, classic stainless steel and brushed stainless steel it all depends on your interior design.


A stylish and elegant kitchen soap dispenser can add value to your home. Although it is not as trendy as the granite countertops, your realtor can make it a valuable part of your house. You will get more money for your property.

Innovative and Modern Soap Dispenser

If you don’t you know yet, you can also buy an automatic soap dispenser. These automatic dispensers are similar to a touchless faucet. It has a motion sensor that takes the convenience of an ordinary soap dispenser pump to a higher level. Once the sensor detects motion from your hands, it will release enough amount of liquid soap.

In case you already have a touchless faucet at home, it is best to use the automatic soap dispenser. It will conveniently prevent the spread of bacteria than using a conventional faucet and bar soaps.

Some automatic soap dispenser is powered by AAA batteries while others are electric. Regardless of what makes it function we can all agree that this automatic dispenser is an innovative alternative to traditional soap pump and is worth the added bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ)

How to clean a kitchen soap dispenser?

If you have a pump dispenser all you need to do is to flush your pump using warm water and some vinegar. For hard to remove clogs, you can use more vinegar and a toothpick to stir up the dirt. Before adding the soap to the dispenser let it first dries up thoroughly. It is best to flush your pump with warm water at least once a month or every time you fill them up.

How does soap dispenser work?

It depends on what type of dispenser you have. For automatic dispenser, it works once motion is detected by the sensor. A pump dispenser dispenses soap by pushing it down and pushes the air and soap out of the tube.

Can I pour lotion in the soap dispenser instead of soap?

Yes, most of the soap dispenser is also used as a lotion dispenser because they are made of highly durable and sturdy material. You can also place it on your bathroom sink for lotion or hand cream.How does a soap dispenser function?

The functionalities depend on various brands of manufacturers. Some dispensers are automated while others are manual or mechanical. Automated dispensers start working once movement is detected by sensors, while the manual one work by a principle of the pulley system where you will need to press the pump down and the air inside pushes the soap up and out.

What kind of soap can my dispenser use?

Your dispenser can use any kind of liquid soap such as lotion soap. It won’t only use a rock-solid soap is it has to be dispensed in the form of liquid.

How often should I clean my soap dispenser?

It is always recommended that you keep your soap dispenses as clean as possible. There is no defined time frame to clean your dispenser, but you should consider once a month or twice a month thorough cleaning of your dispenser. Once you have washed it clean, allow it some sufficient time to dry properly before putting it in to use again.

Does my soap dispenser come with a warranty?

Warranty for your dispenser is manufacturer specific. It depends on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers do not offer a warranty while others do provide. The warranty period depends on the manufacturer too. Others provide warranty for up to five years while others provide for a relatively short time. You will also need to be aware of what the warranty covers and what it exempts.

What is the average cost of a soap dispenser?

Soap dispensers are of different standards and brands. Others are automatic while others are mechanical. Other have makes that use expensive material for production. It, therefore, becomes quite challenging to estimate the average price of the dispenser. You should, however, survey to establish the price of the dispenser of your choice as the price may differ from one seller to another even if the make and the brand are the same.


Our top pick is Premier 552029 soap dispenser. We are choosing this brand as the best among the best even it does not have shiny attachments or trendy designs. It is one of the stylish soap dispensers we have reviewed. This is very functional and can last longer compared to other brands.

Refilling is also easy as you don’t have to crawl under the sink to refill it. It comes with a top-mounted pump and swivels technology for convenience. Premier 552029 is a reliable soap dispenser that you can depend on, and it will keep working for many years to come.

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