Amantii Electric Fireplace: In-Depth Review and Comparison

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The panorama display of the Amantii electric fireplace measures around 60 inches in length and 6.75 inches in width. And with the black casing or a finishing material of your choice, this fireplace has the ability to quickly and effortlessly amp up the look of any room you install it in.

The fireplace’s flame itself spans across 3 color strips and allows you to switch between blue, purple, violet, orange, and yellow-hued flames, giving the flame an aesthetic – ice and fire appearance.

Moreover, you can keep the Amantii electric fireplace functional all year long, as you can turn on the flames without turning on the heat.

It also features a mood-setting backlight and a versatile remote control that allows users to control these features conveniently. The fireplace also comes with a few accessories like clear decorative media, an ice media set, and a black steel casing.

You can also install the fireplace outdoors.

Finally, the Amantii fireplace comes with a 2-year warranty.

Pros and Cons


· You can use it indoors and outdoors

· Has a wide panorama display

· Flame can work without the heat too

· Features various colors for the fire

· Easy installation with detailed and clear instructions


· Only emits heat from one side

· Front cover isn’t attached to the fireplace with any hardware, making it unsafe

Unique Features

amantii fireplaces reviews

Some unique features of the Amantii fireplace that make it stand out include:

Level of Customization

With the Amantii fireplace, you get to choose from a range of flame colors like purple, blue, orange, and yellow.

The Panorama Series comes in different length and depth options, so you can enjoy the full panorama experience the way you like it.

The BI-6 SLIM is 60 inches wide and 6.75 inches slim. You can also choose the finishing material built into the glass. You can go for a ‘clean face’ look or choose a black metal casing for a different finish.


According to Amantii fireplace reviews, this product is not only highly useful but is also a fashion statement and exudes class whether you install it indoors or outdoors.

Its contemporary design looks good in any setting like your home, restaurant, office, or commercial setting.

It also features mood-setting back-lighting and design finishes that allow you to be creative while decorating your space. Plus, the ‘out of the box’ system makes installation quite easy.

Just remember, you will need to purchase the additional pan cover to install this fireplace outdoors.


The fireplace’s heat function has a 4800 BTU rating and can easily heat up a room of 400 to 500 square feet. The fan and the heater are positioned at the top, with the glass angled towards the back. This allows the heat to flow downwards over the unit’s front.

You can turn the flame function on with or without the heat.

Plus, the fireplace has a fire and ice flame set. You can either opt for something more natural like yellow or orange or switch to something more dramatic like blue, purple, or violet.

You can control all this with just a click of the Amantii remote – something that users really appreciate in Amantii fireplace reviews.

Its 3 colors strips allow you to be creative and play around with the colors!

Issues & Concerns

While the Amantii fireplace is a great purchase, a few drawbacks you should know are:

Heat distribution

The Amantii fireplace does not distribute heat along its entire length. Instead, the heat only comes out from one side. This is why it can cover a maximum of 500 square feet despite having a large panorama display.

Front Cover

While the fireplace justifies its cost in terms of value, quality and performance, it still is on the pricier end compared to the cost of most other fireplaces. And when you buy something exquisite, you want to keep it safe and secure.

The problem with the hardware is that the front cover isn’t welded or attached to the unit. Instead, it sits on it. This means it’s more prone to being knocked over in case someone hits it or accidentally runs into it.

Hot Surface

The surface becomes hot to touch when the fireplace is switched on, so make sure you keep pets and children away.

Also, keep your furniture, curtains, or any combustible material at least 3 feet away from the front of the unit.

Care and Maintenance

amantii fireplaces reviews

The Amantii fireplace is not a high-maintenance unit, but there are a few things you should know.

You need to keep the unit’s heater clean and ensure that objects do not block the exhaust opening or obstruct the ventilation. Not doing so can result in severe electric shocks, fire, or damage to your heater.

Also, dust the fireplace’s surface with a clean and, if necessary, slightly damp cloth to keep it shining and presentable.


The Amantii BI-60-SLIM Electric Fireplace has a 2-year warranty and is viable across the US and Canada. The limited warranty does not apply to lightbulbs or damage caused due to mishandling or user accidents. 

The warranty covers manufacturing defaults, excluding service and labor costs.


· Product Dimensions: 63 x 58 x 23 inches

· Item Weight: 120 pounds

· Finish: Black

· Fuel Bed: Logs or Glass

· Installation: Wall

· Mounting Options: Fully Recessed

· Volts: 120

· Amps: 12.5

· Watts: 1500

· Wiring: Direct-Wire, Plug Kit

· Bulb Type: LED

· BTUs: 4800

· Supplemental Heating Area: 400 sq. ft. to 500 sq. ft.

· Heat Location: Front Vent Heater

Where to Buy

Head on over to Amazon to buy the Amantii electric fireplace today!

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